Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Association

Celebrate Achievement During National Conference

The Great Lakes Association of Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) welcomed more than 125 members of the media, corporate, conservation and tourism to its annual conference September 18-22 in Branson, Missouri.

The conference celebrated another year of achievement and continued growth for one of the nation’s oldest and most established outdoor communications organizations. AGLOW was founded in 1956 for writers to connect, improve their craft, become better stewards of our shared outdoor heritage, and foster relationships among members of the media themselves, as well as with corporate and support organizations.

Today, AGLOW and its 400 members have become a leader in the outdoor community by uniting all the pillars of the industry: media, corporate sponsors, and members of convention and tourism bureaus. Together, these groups offer a strong storytelling experience for hunting, fishing, and boating enthusiasts.

“AGLOW’s strength is the diversity and skill of its members,” said President Ken Perrotte. “From podcasts and videos to writing and presentations, our members in Branson highlighted why we love the outdoors and how communicators are crucial to preserving the sports heritage enjoyed by millions of people each year.”

The conference in Branson featured several highlights:

  • Numerous sessions and seminars on new media techniques.
  • Hunting and fishing trips in the field, allowing media outlets to produce content with industry professionals.
  • A day of shooting at a local shooting range, providing hands-on opportunities to try out new firearms products.
  • Corporate and tourism day, offering the media access to new products.
  • The annual Awards-in-Craft gala, which rewards the best content produced in the last year.

The highlight of the conference was AGLOW’s announcement that it will launch an aggressive new digital communication and social media platform that will share its members’ work with the general public. More details about the new communications platform will be provided shortly.


“We recognize the need to create more value for all of our members and serve the content needs of outdoor enthusiasts,” said Mark Smith, CEO of AGLOW. “No one is better positioned than AGLOW to be a resource for all the wonderful content our members produce. Our Board of Directors has been ambitious, energized and, most importantly, willing to discuss and try new things. It is a very exciting time to be a member of AGLOW.”

Conference attendees use the relationships formed at the annual conference to develop award-winning stories for the coming year. AGLOW builds on these relationships by offering year-round hunting and fishing media camps in different parts of the country.

AGLOW offers numerous opportunities for hunting and fishing content creation, annual awards, and an annual conference. Membership is open nationwide in various categories. For more details or to join, visit