GOSAFE™ Introduces Patented Mobile Firearm Safety Solution with the First “Safety Inside Your Gun”

The new GOSAFE products guarantee safety and quick access to store or transport with confidence

STAMFORD, Connecticut (January 13, 2022) – GOSAFE™, a new firearms safety company focused on products, training and risk mitigation, will introduce the GOSAFE™ Mobile Safe and GOSAFE™ Mobile Mag, the first “safe inside your gun” at SHOT Show. GOSAFE devices offer an innovative solution for both new and experienced gun owners, law enforcement, and other security professionals: preventing unauthorized or unintentional use, providing peace of mind and speed to access, and mitigating risk.

GOSAFE reinvents firearm storage by placing the safe inside the gun instead of the gun inside a safe. Both the Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag fit securely inside the firearm, just like OEM magazines, which can only be accessed via a user-unique key. Once the firearm is locked in GOSAFE mode, there is no chance for an unauthorized user to intentionally or accidentally gain access. Patented technology allows gun owners and professionals to go from loaded and ready to locked when and where they are.

The innovative concept was designed by leading firearms experts, including former law enforcement officers and military professionals, to provide real-world safety solutions for all gun owners, who according to the 2021 National Firearms Survey, now represents 81.4 million Americans.

“A growing number of gun owners expect viable and manageable firearm storage solutions, as well as a mobile option that gives them the peace of mind to carry or store their firearm with confidence and quick access when needed,” he said. Mark “Oz” Geist, GOSAFE co-founder, former Marine and best-selling author. “Whether stored at home, in the car, in a purse or in a holster, a firearm in GOSAFE mode makes it impossible for children, home invaders or any unauthorized user to gain access, which It completely changes the landscape of gun safety options. GOSAFE ensures that your firearm is ready when you need it and safe when you don’t.”

Key product information, pricing and availability
GOSAFE firearms safety devices will be available in two options: the GOSAFE
Mobile Safe and GOSAFE Mobile Mag. Both products feature a unique high security key (various key storage solutions are available) and are compatible with all Glock holster varieties and generations (Glock 17 fits 19X, G34 and G45 and Glock 19 fits G19). GOSAFE will be available for Smith & Wesson M&P and SIG P320 models in 2023, as well as other models in the future.

GOSAFE Mobile Safe (MSRP $79.99): Mobile security with a lock.

The non-loading magazine-style mobile safe travels inside the firearm, providing speed and access and eliminating the need for cable and trigger locks. Prevent unauthorized and unintentional use of firearms by locking the trigger and securely locking the slide closed. Users can easily switch from GOSAFE to their OEM charger in seconds.

GOSAFE Mobile Mag (MSRP $99.99): Loadable and lockable mobile security.

With a fully functioning magazine, the Mobile Mag combines complete mobility and safety with quick access and cannot be removed from the firearm when locked. Ready to fire or locked in seconds, locks the trigger preventing unwanted firing even with a round in the chamber when locked.

Exclusive packages for law enforcement and other security professionals are also available.

GOSAFE Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag will ship to retailers nationwide and will be available to purchase online at gosafenow.com in February.

SHOT Show, the world’s largest industry trade show, will take place January 17-20, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV. Michael Vrooman, General Manager of GOSAFE Technology, Inc. and Chris Carlberg, Vice President of Business Development, will attend GOSAFE Booth #43862 for media interviews during the show, and special guest Mark Geist, Key Advisor to GOSAFE and member of the Annex The security team that fought in the battle of Benghazi will be present with GOSAFE at the Industry Day at the shooting range and during the first day of the fair at the GOSAFE booth.

About GOSAFE Technologies, Inc.
Founded by professional gun owners for gun owners, GOSAFE Technologies, Inc. is a revolutionary new leader in mobile firearm safety products, training, risk mitigation, and outreach initiatives designed to make firearm ownership easier. be secure by preventing unauthorized and accidental use. The company is committed to empowering every citizen to travel safely and store their firearms with confidence. GOSAFE products provide unmatched firearm security, mobility and quick access, allowing gun owners to protect lives by having a mobile safe inside the gun to keep it ready when needed and safe when not.

For more information on GOSAFE and the latest product introductions, visit www.gosafenow.com. Follow GOSAFE on Instagram and Facebook.