Gaston Glock received the 2022 Ambrose Award for his commitment and contribution to the Armed Forces

Delivering exceptional small arms products to the Armed Forces, we are honored to announce that GLOCK founder and inventor Gaston Glock has received the Ambrose Award for his outstanding contributions to the field of small arms systems.

“When GLOCK experimented in this field in 1980, no one believed that small arms could use polymer as a structural material to resist the forces generated by repetitive firing of small arms ammunition. This revolutionary development forever changed the face of not only handgun design, but also opened up the use of polymers in the design of other small arms and ammunition,” says Sal Fanelli, senior vice president of engineering for True Velocity.

The Ambrose Award presented by the National Defense Industrial Association

Today, the superior design of polymer GLOCK pistols has been accepted in over 57 countries by special operations forces, law enforcement and civilians as the tool of choice for many.

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About GLOCK, Inc.

GLOCK is a world leading manufacturer of firearms. The simple and safe design of GLOCK’s polymer-based pistols revolutionized the firearms industry and made GLOCK pistols a favorite of military and law enforcement agencies around the world and among pistol owners around the world. In 2022, GLOCK celebrates 36 years in the United States. Known for having three safety features, GLOCK pistols offer users of all walks of life confidence they can count on. GLOCK, Inc. is headquartered in Smyrna, Georgia. For more information, visit