Form meets function in Shimano’s Swagy Strong

Dynamic lure design improves spinnerbait durability and attraction

Fishing for largemouth and small with spinnerbaits is a proven technique that remains effective year-round. No matter the season, water temperature or the fish, Swagy Strong’s seductive vibration and unparalleled durability present a spinnerbait that anglers can cast at virtually any target and fish productively all season long.

Uniquely, Shimano engineers developed a way to improve spinnerbait durability without restricting the lure’s pulse and anglers’ ability to feel the vibration of the blades. With its innovative tapered wire design, Swagy Strong offers a super strong and attractive spinnerbait capable of attracting trophy bass wherever they appear. Swagy Strong’s thick wire (1mm) lower arm improves connection ratios and enhances durability with the perfect wire tension. The more flexible upper arm is reduced to a thinner wire (0.9mm) which allows the lure’s specially designed blades to produce unprecedented vibrations, flashes and lift.

Blade selection is vitally important to spinnerbait success and is largely determined by water clarity, target depth, time of year, and species. Swagy Strong offers two different configurations: Willow Leaf Dual Blades (DW) and a Willow Single Blade combined with a Colorado Trailing Blade (TW). Dual willow blades spin fast and tight with the first turn of the reel handle, allowing spinnerbaits to work properly at any speed. They can fish fast and deep, but they also do well in shallow water when the flats are burning. The Swagy Strong DW with twin willow blades is the perfect choice for anglers fishing for smallmouth bass in clear water under sunny skies. Featuring a leading Colorado blade, the Swagy Strong TW produces shocking vibration and spectacular lift. With these features, TW offers a slower presentation ideal for low light conditions, stained waters, and cold temperatures when fish are less aggressive.

In addition to the different blade combos, Swagy Strong features a hand-tied skirt available in six colors: Black Gold spinnerbaits feature twin gold blades, Natural Bait and Pink Smelt patterns feature silver blades, while Chart White, Tidal Killer and White They include a silver front blade with a gold trailer. Both DW and TW blade configurations are available in ⅜ oz and ½ oz.

High quality pivots, beads and spacers on the tapered upper arm contribute to a highly engineered spinnerbait that is sure to withstand both time and abuse. Finished with attractive 3D eyes, Swagy Strong remains snag-free around heavier cover where trophy-caliber basses lurk. Available at authorized Shimano dealers, Swagy Strong has a MSRP of $13.99.

Swagy strong features

  • Tapered wire design
  • Double Willow or Single Willow/Colorado Configuration
  • ⅜ or ½ oz.
  • six colors

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