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In his classic 1981 song, “Are the Good Times Really Over?”, the late country music legend Merle Haggard sang, “I wish a Ford and a Chevy would last ten years, like they should.” His regret was that finding American-made products that can stand the test of time is getting harder every year. To stand the test of time, a company must produce high-quality products offered at a fair price that do the job as well as any of its competitors, and that are built to last.

This describes Al’s Goldfish Lure Co. perfectly.

Al’s Goldfish Lure Co. celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2022 for one simple reason: the company was founded and operated for decades on the principle of helping its customers catch more fish by producing lures and accessories that perform as advertised, backed by an unconditional commitment. warranty.

“As we look back on our company’s storied history, my husband Jeff and I are increasingly committed to continuing to run the business the way our founder, Al Stuart, has for decades,” said owner Mandy DeBuigne. . “Jeff and I are ‘fish heads.’ We love to fish and we know what it takes to be successful on the water. We are a small business with a small, tight-knit group of dedicated employees and community partners who love to get the job done right and build rigs. We would like to thank our customers and business partners around the world who have helped make our dream possible.

Since its start in 1952 by avid angler Al Stuart with a single product, Stuart’s Goldfish, the company has introduced a number of other highly successful lures, but the original Goldfish, the company’s flagship product, stands its ground and the company has stays true to its original. customer values.

In the future, the company believes that its core values ​​will help it stay strong. “We value Jesus, for our blessings and the example of unconditional love,” Mandy said. “We value our veterans and active duty service members, for our freedom and their sacrifice. We value our friends and customers of all backgrounds, races, orientations, and abilities: we don’t care what you look like, where you come from, what your gender is, who you love, or what you can or can’t do. – what matters is, do you like to fish? We are committed to making our products right here in the USA, keeping Americans employed in our supply chain. And we value an honest sale. If your purchase fails beyond the normal wear and tear that happens to a product that you are literally pulling as far away from you as possible, please let us know; We’ll do it right.”

Today, the company still makes and markets the original Al’s Goldfish and much more, including various fish kill lures, ice fishing hooks, Sebago trolling hooks, bottom fishing hooks, and accessories. To see the complete line of Al’s Goldfish Lure Company, visit or call them at 413-543-1524.

About Al’s Goldfish Lure Company
The company launched in 1952 with a single pioneering spoon lure, known as Stuart’s Goldfish, named after founder Al Stuart. The company’s flagship lure was renamed Al’s Goldfish in 1954, and by 1973 the popularity of the Goldfish lure skyrocketed to nearly a million lures sold in a year. Along the way, other popular lures, such as the Forty-Niner and Helgy, and hook-bonnet lure accessories were added to the company’s list of American-made products. In 2015 the line was expanded to include the Saltwater Goldfish series. In 2022, current owners Jeff and Mandy DeBuigne are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Goldfish lure. For more information on Al’s Goldfish Lure Company, visit