First Look: Ozonics HR500 Ozone Generator

In 2007, Ozonics established itself as the industry leader in active odor control technology for blind hunters in the trees and on the ground with the introduction of its revolutionary Ozonics HR100 ozone generator to the field. The new HR500 offers significant performance enhancements, including significant noise reduction, a hands-free application-enabled interface, and remote control compatibility.

Ozonics HR500 Ozone Generator with Smartphone App

Thanks to reconfigured fan placement and a new exclusive Phoenix circuit board, the patented HR500 ozone generator offers a 50 percent reduction in noise.

“Customers have always told us they love the unit, but if they had one request, it would be for it to be quieter,” said Buddy Piland, president of Ozonics. “We set ourselves the goal of reducing noise by at least 33% and we far exceeded it with this new design.”

Additionally, the HR500 is Bluetooth app-enabled, giving you complete operational control via your smartphone for true hands-free operation. Critical data such as remaining battery life, current local weather conditions, and more are at your fingertips through the app. You can also adjust the unit’s ozone output without having to search for the proper mode again. If a shooting deer is sighted, you can discreetly change the mode and increase the ozone, making sure your deer finds its way into bow range. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple and Google app stores.

Ozonics HR500 ozone generator fan with mode selector

An optional key fob can be added to the HR500 to allow users to increase ozone production with the push of a button. This feature is ideal for times when the wind picks up, more deer enter the field, or the deer of your life unexpectedly shows up.

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