Firminator G-3 ATV Model

The Firminator G-3 ATV model takes all the great features of Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment’s full-size 3-point implement and is sized right for ATVs and UTVs.

The ATV G-3 model features six (6) 16-inch rotating dirt discs with a six-inch gap. Built on a heavy-duty 3-inch steel square tube frame, it weighs 860 pounds, making it heavy enough to break into and dig into the hard ground that other ATV stands would bounce off the surface, but it’s just enough Light enough to be pulled by a minimum of 500cc 4 wheel drive ATV or UTV. The Firminator leans more into your drive assembly by shortening the top link setting, providing a deeper cut. A midrange setting will give several degrees of disc depth while allowing the cultipacker to maintain good soil contact and break up clods while leveling and firming the soil.

The seed box is constructed of steel, just like the full-size three-point models, and features the same precision seeding system. You can adjust the metering openings in 1/16th-inch graduations until you find the proper selections for the largest seed in the hopper. As it advances, the seed is dropped into a specially designed baffle that fully distributes the seed right in front of the culti-packer. Because the system is powered from the ground, the seed is metered in relation to the speed at which it is traveling, and when the Firminator stops rolling, the seed stops falling. This allows you to save time, reduce seed waste, and handle widely varying seed sizes with one compact unit.

As soon as the seed hits the ground, the 34-inch agricultural-grade cast-iron cultipacker rolls it around. By lengthening the top link, the discs can be lifted off the ground, allowing the culti-packer to roll on the ground with the transfer of additional weight from the frame. This promotes optimal soil compaction and improves seed-to-soil contact for better germination rates and protection from wind drift, so you get better growth with less waste.

The ATV model comes with a 2″ ball sized tow bar but also retains the 3 point hitch if you want to use it on a small tractor.

Whether you’re working in the backyard or in the far corners of the rear 40s to create food plots, filter strips, pastures, turf, or other conservation plantings, the Firminator G-3 ATV model offers an economical and cost-effective alternative. handy for those who may not need a full-size all-in-one machine.

ATV Drive Specifications:

  • Frame material: 3-inch square tube
  • Weight: 860 lbs.
  • Disc Width: 32″
  • Cultivator Width: 34″
  • Seed Hopper: 34: x 14.5″ x 12 W
  • Seed capacity: 2 bushels
  • Disc size: 16″ (6 discs with a 6″ gap)
  • Towing method: 2″ ball or three point hitch

Ranew Outdoor Gear Introduces The Firminator – The Firminator is by far the most versatile gear in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of angle and pitch adjustments to perform many different functions.

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