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What makes the Firminator the best food plot implement on earth? It is not a single thing, but several in a single implement.


“The Firminator is the only planting implement I need. Whether you’re doing conventional tillage, single-pass seeding in food plots, or just seeding in winter grazing for livestock, the Firminator can do it all,” says Chuck Sykes of The Management Advantage. In fact, operators can vary the angle and pitch settings for different functions and site conditions. They can aggressively set disc angles and create a strong forward tilt of the entire unit for deeper disc penetration for first time planting or sites that are littered with debris. Angles and pitch can be adjusted to lightly cut top litter with minimal soil disturbance where minimal tillage operation is desired. But the versatility doesn’t end there.

Different plants grow from seeds of different sizes. Retrofitting can be problematic for many competitive spreaders, requiring multiple passes and adjustments, changing internal components between passes, or larger seeds getting stuck or smaller seeds spilling out too quickly. Firminator’s precise seeding system ensures that doesn’t happen. Metering openings can be adjusted in one-sixteenth inch graduations until the proper selections are found for the largest seed in a mix. As the Firminator moves forward, the seed is dropped into a specially designed deflector that evenly and thoroughly distributes the different sized seeds. With the optional seed hopper agitator, you can even spread mixes with extreme size differences in a single pass. The agitator helps keep the seeds well mixed and prevents smaller seeds from leaking out too quickly.


“When an implement is so efficient that it can cut your tractor time in half while using less seed and producing higher yields and tons of crops for wildlife, well, it’s a no-brainer to me,” says Travis T-Bone Turner, co-host by Realtree Road Trips and Bone Collector. Unlike other attachments, the Firminator’s all-in-one configuration incorporates a cultivator, spreader and cultipacker in one unit so you can till, plant and bale without changing attachments. Disc blades are spaced 6″ apart with custom iron disc spools instead of the competition’s discs spaced at the standard 7-1/2″ spacing. This means more disk sheets across the width of The Firminator (12 on the six-foot unit). That creates a fuller cut, which in turn means fewer passes.

Because the system is ground driven, the seeds are metered relative to speed, and when the Firminator stops rolling, the seeds stop falling, so there is no spillage of debris. Plus, the seeds fall right in front of the culti-packer’s heavy, notched cast iron wheels that are proven to eliminate air gaps, pulverize clods, and level the soil while providing a beautifully prepared, firm seed bed. This improves seed to soil contact for much better germination rates, reducing seed waste, time and effort.


“What a great team for a Gamekeeper. They are well built and durable,” says Bobby Cole of Mossy Oak BioLogic. Ranew Outdoor Equipment (ROE) combines time-tested American craftsmanship and materials with the latest technology to produce each Firminator. At ROE’s plant in Milner, Georgia, welders and fabricators combine years of experience with high-end tooling to produce each frame and seed box. ROE painters then use top-of-the-line powder coating material on automated and manual powder coating lines to create a superior finish. Heavy 18-inch notched 9-gauge steel discs will stand up to the toughest ground conditions. Ditto for the aforementioned notched cast-iron culti-packer wheels and disc shafts, carried on replaceable triple-sealed bearings with cast-iron spools for added weight and durability. “It is difficult to find well-built teams. The Firminator is extremely rugged, built with attention to detail, and is the kind of implement your grandkids will still be using,” says Austin Delano of Mossy Oak.


Considering all of the above, it’s no wonder Firminator has a 99% customer satisfaction rating. That’s what makes the Firminator the best food plot implement on earth.

Product characteristics:

  • Handles seeds of all sizes.
  • Large seed hopper
  • Seed metering openings
  • Seed size adjustments in 1/16 inch increments
  • Specially designed baffle for better distribution
  • Distributes seed directly in front of the cultipacker for optimal seed-to-soil contact
  • Protects the seed from wind drift.
  • Only distribute seeds while Firminator is rolling to avoid waste.

Ranew Outdoor Gear Introduces the Firminator – The Firminator is by far the most versatile gear in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of pitch and angle settings to perform many different functions.

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