Fiocchi announces new big game cartridge

Fiocchi, the world leader in defensive, target shooting and hunting ammunition, takes its centerfire rifle offering to the next level with the introduction of the new Knock Down series. Presented in a wide range of the most popular hunting calibers, Fiocchi Knock Down combines premium components with a precision-engineered monolithic bullet for decisive terminal performance in big game hunting.

As part of Fiocchi’s EnviroShield technology, Knock Down ammunition is centered around an all-copper hollow point bullet. Profiled for maximum precision and velocity, this bullet offers controlled expansion to penetrate the toughest game while ensuring the type of energy transfer needed for a devastating blow.

Adding to that punch is Fiocchi’s proprietary powder, which burns clean, hot and consistent for reliable accuracy and high speeds to ensure point-of-sight/point-of-impact performance on those long-distance shots. Reduced fouling and faster hole cleaning are two additional benefits that Knock Down offers the discerning hunter.

Fiocchi Knock Down is offered in the following bullet calibers/weights:

  • .243 Win., 80gr.
  • .270 Win., 130 gr.
  • 6.5 Creedmoor, 120 gr.
  • 7mm-08, 140gr.
  • 7mm swirl. mag., 160 gr.
  • .308 Win., 150 gr.
  • .30-06 Sprg., 150 gr.
  • .300 win. Mag., 165 gr.

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About Fiocchi:

Since 1983, Fiocchi of America has been headquartered in Ozark, Missouri. As the US-based independent arm of the great global brand Fiocchi, Fiocchi of America continues to integrate and launch new products targeting the US market. In 2020, Fiocchi continues its product expansion into the hunting, concealed carry, self defense and law enforcement market channels. Fiocchi offers a complete portfolio of target and hunting cartridges, centerfire rifle and pistol ammunition, standard and competition grade .22LR rimfire, specialty and classic cartridges, reloading components and blanks.