will focus on continued growth of the company and new products/technology;

The areas of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service will be under his leadership

SAN MARCOS, CA (March 20, 2023) – Fieldsheer, a technology company that produces high-quality, temperature-controlled apparel under the Mobile Warming® and Mobile Cooling® brands, announces that John Cacopardo has been named Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

As CRO, Cacopardo will lead the company’s sales, marketing and customer service efforts. Prior to his new role, Cacopardo served as a senior vice president of Mobile Warming, one of the company’s two temperature-controlled clothing lines. Prior to that, he served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development, where he was charged with revitalizing both Mobile Warming and Fieldsheer to greater relevance.

More broadly, Cacopardo is being charged with the mission of aligning all the company’s departments for future growth. It already has a solid lead: Fieldsheer had a record year in 2022, posting its highest revenue in company history. This was not only the result of strong management, but also increased awareness of the Mobile Warming line by retailers and consumers. Additionally, the addition of the Mobile Cooling line, a clothing line that can lower a person’s temperature by up to 5 degrees, played an integral role in increasing revenue.

During the year, Fieldsheer also signed some high-profile marketing deals, one with the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League and the other with Meyer-Shank Racing. Cacopardo will continue to pursue similar deals to increase brand exposure and promote the temperature-controlled clothing category to consumers unaware of its existence.

Cacopardo is excited about his new role and the responsibilities that come with it. “There are a lot of people who aren’t familiar with the concept of temperature-controlled clothing, and our future marketing efforts will help them become more familiar with it,” he said. “Educating the consumer in this category significantly increases our potential market.

“At the same time, we will highlight the features and benefits of our two lines. This will help the consumer understand exactly what separates Fieldsheer from competitive products, particularly as we develop newer products and improve the technology behind them. With increased awareness of the concept and our brand specifically, Fieldsheer’s growth potential is staggering.”


Established in 1978, Fieldsheer was the first company to introduce motorcycle thermals for chilly rides in unpredictable conditions. Today, it’s unlike any other thermal garment company, because it’s a technology company. Its Mobile Warming line is a technology platform, the only thermal apparel company in the US market to own its entire supply chain, from hardware R&D, battery design, cut and sew, and app development. In addition to its Mobile Warming line of Bluetooth-powered apparel and accessories, Fieldsheer also produces Mobile Cooling, a line of apparel that not only cools the wearer through the use of drirelease® “built-in” in each yarn of fabric, but also provides properties of protection against the sun and the fight against bad odours. For more information, visit