FieldEarz™: Next-Generation Hearing Protection and Enhancement for Hunters

WildEar® from CavCom, Inc. announces the new FieldEarz™ electronic earplug. The fully updated FieldEarz incorporates the latest audio design and signal processing technologies to deliver best-in-class performance, comfort, and sound quality. FieldEarz integrates effective, continuous boost and continuous noise reduction along with the latest compression architecture to process speech and ambient sounds. New voice alerts, improved wind reduction, adaptive feedback cancellation, adjustable volume control, and five selectable listening programs provide unparalleled usability and performance.

This in-ear protection system is far less bulky and invasive than a hunter’s earmuff-type product, and nothing beats a custom-fit headset for maximum protection and performance like WildEar. FieldEarz. Each set is custom-made using digital technology to ensure all-day comfort and a superior fit.

Each package includes FieldEarz earphones with batteries, a convenient lanyard, airtight plastic storage case, cleaning tool, and wax guards. Each earphone has independent volume and program controls. The battery life is more than 100 hours. There are three color options available: black, pink and red/blue. FieldEarz is available at select retailers nationwide and conveniently online at for a starting retail price of $995.

More information about FieldEarz, as well as the entire line of WildEar products, is available at or by calling 855-494-WILD(9453).

Technical specifications:

  • 100% Digital: multiple listening programs
    • EVERYDAY: Emphasis on group conversation and ambient sounds
    • BOOST: Additional boost on high-frequency sounds to emphasize conversation and ambient sounds
    • NOISY: For noisy and windy environments to better hear speech
    • EXTREME: For the highest level of wind and noise reduction
    • MUTE: Silence incoming signals when you need a break from your surroundings
  • Independent volume and program controls for left and right ear
  • Remembers last program and volume settings between uses
  • Voice Prompts/Indicators
  • Multiple volume settings
  • Peak impulse and continuous background noise reduction
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Automatic feedback cancellation to help eliminate hiss/squeal
  • Long battery life (100+ hours) with low battery alert
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 26dB
  • Pulse Peak Insertion Loss Rating: 23 dB reduction for 132 dB peak pulses; 31 dB reduction for 150 dB peak impulses; and 32 dB reduction for 168 dB peak impulses

About WildEar:
Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Walker, Minnesota, WildEar is a wholly owned subsidiary of CavCom, the leader in innovative industrial hearing protection and communication systems. WildEar designs and develops innovative electronic hearing products and protection for the avid outdoorsman, the weekend warrior, the swimmer, music lovers, cell phone users, and those who desire a comfortable, restful sleep. For more information on the company’s full line of next-generation products, visit or call 855-494-WILD(9453).