Federally Recognized as Southwick Report’s Most Frequently Purchased Brand of Shotshell Ammunition

Federal Ammunition leads the most frequently purchased shotgun ammunition category according to Southwick Associates’ “2022 Hunting and Shooting Participation and Equipment Purchase Tracking Consumer Study.” Southwick’s annual survey compiled feedback from more than 9,000 recreational hunters and shooters.

“The fact that Federal cartridge ammunition leads the category for most shotgun ammunition purchased is a testament to the demanding work that everyone at Federal puts into creating these products,” said Dan Compton, Director of Product for Federal Shotshell Ammunition. “This year’s survey showed that the highest percentage of all shot ammunition purchased was federal. This is truly a team effort, and our company could not be more proud.”

Federal has expanded its cartridge line in recent years, adding a line of competition targets in High Over All, along with lower caliber extensions for Top Gun, Black Cloud, and a new Bismuth offering with HEVI-Bismuth. The new HEVI-Bismuth shot is 22% denser than steel, providing more lethal energy at low range. Released from the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad, the bismuth pellets have a uniform pattern and their metallic properties make them safe in both modern and vintage shotguns.

“We want Federal Ammunition to continue to be a company that meets all of your shotgun ammunition needs,” Compton said. “For those who enjoy cold mornings at the range, clay and home defense, the quality and reliable performance of Federal Ammunition is there to meet those needs. With Federal’s wide range of product options, hunters and shotgun shooters can easily find a product that fits their needs.”

Southwick’s detailed resources illustrate purchasing behaviors such as where consumers shop, brand preferences, and amount spent. Learn more at www.southwickassociates.com.

Federal ammunition can be found at dealers across the country. For more information on all Federal products or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.