Federal munitions backers pass it on

Federal Ammunition ® renewed its sponsorship of the Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors program, giving more kids the opportunity to experience life outdoors.

Federal Ammunition has renewed its sponsorship commitment to help expand and grow the Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors program that gives children the opportunity to experience the great outdoors.

Vice President Brittany French said, “Youth in our program have expressed 3 barriers to getting involved in outdoor activities. Those barriers include not knowing where to hunt or fish, not having the right skills and confidence to go, and having no one to go with. Those barriers are why we are excited to go to work every day. We are working hard to break down those barriers by coordinating outdoor opportunities for youth through mentoring.”

“Youth experience challenges and obstacles every day and as we try to increase participation in hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors, we must work together with partners to remove these barriers to entry. Pass It On: Outdoor Mentors does a great job working with state wildlife agencies and other partners to get more youth involved in hunting and shooting sports, and Federal is proud to support their continued efforts.” said Jon Zinnel, senior manager of youth shooting sports for Federal Ammunition.

Pass It On: Outdoor Mentors partners with state fish and wildlife agencies, conservation organizations, and youth organizations to provide at-risk children with outdoor opportunities they might not otherwise have had. “Too many children today never get the chance to experience the outdoors that we all know and love. When you hear a young man say that he has never seen a cow or been on a dirt road, you know we need to step up our efforts to give these kids the chance to get outdoors,” French said.

“Our program is growing by leaps and bounds year after year and that is due to the generosity of our sponsors like Federal Ammunition. We can’t thank you enough for your unwavering support as we continue to pass on our love of the outdoors through mentoring.” said Brittany French.

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About Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors

Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors, Inc. is a national organization based in Wichita, Kansas, dedicated to providing children with mentors who will share the experiences of traditional outdoor activities with them. The heart of the group’s mission is to give children opportunities to connect with nature that they probably won’t have without a mentor to show them the way. By partnering with organizations with like-minded conservation and youth engagement efforts like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Pheasants Forever, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Delta Waterfowl, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and National Wild Turkey Federation, among others, volunteers with a passion for the outdoors can give you a child the opportunity to go fishing, hunting, or just spending time in the country with a loving adult. For more information about Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors, visit http://www.outdoormentors.org.