Federal Ammunition is Proud to Sponsor the 2023 NWTF Sports Show and Convention for the 40th Year

Federal Ammunition is proud to be the title sponsor of the Hunting Heritage Breakfast on Friday, February 17 at the 47th Annual National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Convention & Sports Expo. The 2023 NWTF Convention, taking place February 15-19, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee, will be a celebration of the NWTF’s 50th anniversary. Federal Premium Ammunition also continues as the Gobbler Sponsor of the general event.

“NWTF continues its longstanding support of conservation across the country. Projects supported by the NWTF, which supports the livelihoods of wild turkeys, also benefit hundreds of other species along the way. Visiting NWTF members across the country reaffirms their membership’s passion and drive to support conservation of all species,” said Jon Zinnel, senior manager of conservation for Federal Ammunition. “Federal and NWTF have had a longstanding relationship that has continued for four decades. We look forward to many more years of working together as the NWTF approaches its 50th anniversary in 2023.”

Federal Ammunition and the National Wild Turkey Federation have been working hand in hand for decades. The company has participated in every NWTF convention and has hosted the Conservation Breakfast for 40 years. Federal Ammunition is one of the five oldest sponsors and the only authorized ammunition partner of the NWTF.

“We appreciate all that NWTF members do to grow our sport and pass on our great hunting heritage,” Zinnel continued. “With turkey populations in good shape across much of the country, hunters anticipate a memorable 2023 season. Now they can head out into the field knowing that Federal’s new premium turkey loads will not only deliver consistent, devastating performance, but will also help the turkeys themselves through their partnership with the NWTF.”

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