Federal Ammunition Introduces New ELD-X Premium Hunting Loads

Federal Ammunition introduces an expansion to its line of Premium hunting loads to now feature Hornady ELD-X hunting bullets. The new offerings will be loaded at Federal’s factory in Anoka, Minnesota. The full line will soon be available in ten 243 Win centerfire cartridge options. at 300 win. Magnum. ELD-X 7MM PRC 175-grain is currently available online: ELD-X 7MM PRC (federalpremium.com)

“Continuing the tradition of Federal Premium, which means loading the most popular bullets, we are now loading ELD-X bullets,” said Jesse Whiteside, Federal’s senior director of product management. “ELD-X bullets are very accurate and we hold this bullet to the highest standards of our Premium specifications. Our customers requested these bullets in factory loaded ammunition and we are pleased to meet our customer needs.”

The hard-hitting, precise ELD-X hunting bullet features an extremely high ballistic coefficient in a design that provides effective expansion over a wide range of velocities. The bullet features a unique polymer tip that resists deformation for consistent ballistics to initiate extreme range expansion. It also touts a streamlined secant warhead and streamlined boattail, plus a concentric copper shroud with a stout stem.

Cartridge summary includes: 243 Win., 90-grain; 6.5 Creedmoor, 143 grains; 6.5 PRC, 143 grains; 270 Win., 145 grains; 7mm swirl. Magnum, 162 grains; 7mm PRC, 175-grain, 308 Win., 178-grain; 30-06 Sprg.,178-grain; 300 WSM, 200 grains; and 300 win. Mag., 200 grains.

The charge also features a specially formulated propellant and nickel-plated brass. It is packaged in boxes of 20 rounds; MSRP: $52.99-82.99.

For more information on all Federal products or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.