Federal Ammunition introduces a new action shotgun designed for multi-weapon competitors

Federal is proud to introduce the new Federal action shotgun, meeting the wants and needs of competitors within the growing sport of shotgun action. This specialized loadout was created to provide the perfect balance of power, fireability, and control needed in multi-weapon competitions.

Federal Action Shotgun (federalpremium.com)

“Every aspect of this new ammunition has been designed to help competitors run their shotgun stages more efficiently and effectively,” said Scott Turner, shotgun shell product line manager for Federal. “First, this product is designed to address and eliminate the manual loading and magazine feeding issues that these athletes often encounter. Second, it offers the quantity and power that action shotgun shooters have been looking for. And finally, it uses the right components for the ultimate in pattern performance and reliability that competitors can trust.”

The action shotgun features a top pull card and coil crimp that adds strength and rigidity to the muzzle of the cartridge, allowing for better cycling in tube-fed and magazine-fed shotguns. The housing cup is made of brass-plated steel for reliable feeding and removal and reducing the risk of clogging.

“It was certainly a challenge to find the right mix of our existing components that make up this robust loadout. It took our teams some time to decide on the combination of head, primer, shot, cleat system and hull to finalize the ideal recipe,” Turner explained. “We are very satisfied with the results and we know that the competition shooters will also be happy.”

The 1 1/8-ounce payload of high-quality #7.5 lead action shotgun pellets exit the muzzle at 1235 fps. This speed strikes the perfect balance: providing the power to take down targets and the shooting ability to traverse a field with speed and accuracy.

The new cartridge loads also feature temperature-stable powder and proven primers. They are bulk packaged in 200-round boxes for convenience and reduced waste in the field.

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