Federal Ammunition HammerDown 444 Marlin Now Available

Federal Ammunition’s HammerDown stands on the industry’s only ammunition product line truly engineered for optimum cycling and overall performance from the proven lever-action rifle platform. Federal successfully launched its HammerDown line in 2020, and today the product line includes options like the 357 Mag., 44 Mag., 30-30 Win., 45-70 Government, and more. Currently, the new 444 Marlin, 270 grain load is now available at select dealers.

“We are excited to add 444 Marlins to the overall HammerDown lineup. It’s another great straight wall cartridge that hunters and shooters are actively looking for,” said Eric Miller, centerfire rifle product manager for Federal Ammunition. “The powerful stopping power of the 444 Marlin has proven efficient for big game game since its introduction in 1964.”

The velocitys of HammerDown’s new offerings are customized to produce superior ballistics and terminal performance through lever-action barrel lengths. The construction of the molecularly bonded soft point bullets has also been fine tuned for the best accuracy and expansion at those velocities. The case, bullet, and cartridge geometry of each round ensures perfect cycling through the tubular magazine and typical lever-action feed systems. HammerDown is now offered in .45 Colt, 35 Remington, and 444 Marlin in addition to the original 30-30 Win., 357 Magnum, 327 Federal, and 44 Rem loads. Magnum.

“One of the enhanced design features found on all HammerDown ammunition is that we bevel the front face of the case edge on all nickel-plated cases. This eliminates sharp edges to increase feed reliability,” continued Miller. “This feature essentially improves cycle time on all lever feed systems, such as side gate loading and tube magazines.”

Federal ammunition can be found at dealers across the country or can be purchased online directly from Federal. For more information on all Federal products or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.