Federal Ammunition Announces Additions to Ballistic AE App

Federal Ammunition has added their latest cargo deals to the updated Ballistic AE app. This leading ballistics app is available for free to download on iOS devices.

“We are excited to work on the Ballistic AE app to enhance this technology and give shooters another tool to increase their chances of success on the range,” said Brian Anderson, Federal Marketing Director. “Incorporating our latest uploads into the app, spearheaded by our popular and proven Ascent Terminal, gives our customers more data to improve their shooting skills.”

Powered by the trusted computer JBM Ballistics, Ballistic AE is an ultimate calculator for iOS devices. This app calculates bullet trajectory, wind, velocity, energy, lead and time of flight for any range. Compensates for atmospheric conditions like temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, altitude, and more.

The app contains an extensive library of factory shells and loads, now including the most versatile big game loads: Federal’s Ascent Terminal. It also contains a MOA and mil-dot rangefinder, GPS and atmosphere awareness, full-size graphics, a precision target log, and much more.

Download the app today and look for continuous updates throughout the year.

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