Federal Adds 360 Buckhammer to Its Popular Power-Shok Rifle Ammunition Product Line

ANOKA, Minn. – January 16, 2023 – Federal Ammunition adds two Power-Shok rifle loads in the new 360 Buckhammer cartridge. The 180 and 200 grain Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) have a .358 bore and provide energy and trajectory to match the 30-30 Win, with smoother recoil and better accuracy. This new straight wall cartridge, recently released by Remington Ammunition, is designed specifically for lever actions and is deadly accurate at over 200 yards. The announcement of this new product was made at the SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Decades of reliability and efficiency from Federal’s Power-Shok JSPs are what have made this line of products a legend in hunting camps around the world,” said Jesse Whiteside, senior director of product management for Federal. Federal. “Two offerings, 180 and 200 grain, in the new 360 Buckhammer cartridge are sure to impress lever gun hunters setting their sights on big game.”

Features summary includes: New Buckhammer 360 cartridge specially designed for lever action rifles; The .358 diameter bullet provides ballistics and power like 30-30 Win., with smoother recoil; the straight-walled cartridge is legal in previously bullet-only areas; Jacketed soft point bullet; Available in 180 and 200 grain options: MSRP: $36.99, boxes of 20 rounds.

“Our new Buckhammer cartridge meets the needs of a growing market opportunity due to changing laws in traditional shotgun/muzzleloader states,” Whiteside continued. “Over the past five years, several prominent deer hunting states have passed laws allowing straight wall cartridges in areas previously designated as shotguns or muzzleloaders only. The new Buckhammer cartridge adds to the list of straight wall options while giving hunters a powerful and ballistically superior new option.”

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