Faunamaster Seeder provides a mobile and flexible seed drill solution for ATVs/UTVs

Faunamaster answers the demands for a mobile and flexible planter that can go places that a standard tractor with a large planter cannot reach.

Food plots are a great way to attract and feed wildlife, but when it comes to hunting, the best plots are often in areas that are difficult to access with larger equipment. Unfortunately, there was no suitable solution, so a small group of farmers and hunters set themselves the goal of developing a seeder to meet these demands. The Faunamaster drill is a direct result of this effort, a mobile planter designed for ATV/UTV use.

The Faunamaster can be easily attached to an ATV/UTV with a standard ball hitch or a subcompact category one tractor with a 3-point hitch. Ground clearance is nearly 8 inches when fully raised, making it transportable to more remote areas. A built-in 12v actuator allows the driver to operate the planter without getting off the machine.

The Faunamaster planter is also a time saver, versatile and easy to use, handling seeds of different sizes, from small clover and alfalfa to larger corn and beans. Users can select seeding depths from 0 to 3.14 inches and can spread fertilizer while seeding. Seed flow for various sizes is easily adjusted via a single point adjustment handle on the side of the machine. The Faunamaster planter comes with a seed chart showing settings for clover, alfalfa, beans, brassicas, and corn.

The Faunamaster planter is also effective yet gentle. Being smaller and lighter than industrial-sized pots, it’s easier to reach remote areas and maneuver around smaller, irregularly shaped plots. The lighter weight leaves minimal marks in soft soil and can be used on tilled soil or for no-till planting.

Whether users want to plant in more remote, less accessible areas with minimal impact or don’t have the large equipment to transport a heavier planter, Faunamaster offers a practical, versatile and portable option. Rugged and reliable, the Faunamaster will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment introduces the Firminator and has acquired the exclusive rights in North America to produce and distribute the Faunamaster. The Firminator and Faunamaster are by far the most versatile pieces of equipment in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of angle, pitch and depth adjustments to perform many different functions.

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