FAST Channels TV brings popular viewing to CarbonTV

New FAST channel, plus FAST content library for CarbonTV

FAST Channels TV has partnered with CarbonTV, a premium video platform, to offer a new FAST channel, as well as a catalog of FAST content for outdoor enthusiasts.

The latest addition to the FAST Channels TV lineup, TV bound skull, see hostess and skull artist Jana Waller take viewers on hunting and fishing adventures around the world, complete with stunning scenery and incredible wildlife. While currently only available on CarbonTV, Skull Bound TV will soon be available on various FAST TV platforms.

The partnership will also bring more than 50 FAST channels to CarbonTV’s already huge selection of titles, including the iconic PBS documentary series, wild americaalong with a library of quality adventure entertainment and animal related shows.

On partnering with FAST Channels TV, Julie McQueen, President of CarbonTV, said, “FAST Channels TV has enabled us to elevate our content distribution, broadening our reach and bringing a rich viewing experience to broader audiences. As we continue to expand our offering, we look forward to leveraging FAST Channels TV’s extensive network and experience.”

Russell Foy, CEO of Fast Channels TV, commented: “The innovative as-a-service revenue sharing model at the heart of FAST Channels TV is attractive business for both content providers and OTT platforms. We are proud to be able to expand CarbonTV’s consumer offering, producing purposeful content that its audience will love.”

FAST Channels TV works with content owners and platforms to provide additional content, technology, applications and monetization services, allowing its partners to focus their resources on securing additional premium content and marketing efforts that will define the success of a project.

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