Fall Hunting Seasons Open in New York | WIVT

(WWTI) — With the changing of the leaves, many hunting seasons will begin this weekend.

This includes deer and bear bowhunting, small game hunting, ruffed grouse, pheasant, squirrel, rabbit, hare, wild turkey, furrier and duck, according to a Department news release. of Environmental Conservation.

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos made this announcement ahead of the October 1 opening dates.

“This is an exciting time of year for hunters who now have the opportunity to get out in the field and experience the tremendous hunting opportunities here in New York, both for big game and small game,” said Commissioner Seggos. “In addition, the late summer weather, fall foliage and extended hunting hours combine to create exceptional conditions for new and experienced hunters who enjoy the sport.”

A breakdown of each permitted hunting season can be read below.

Bow hunting for deer and bear

  • Archery deer hunting in the North Zone opens on September 27
  • Archery hunting of deer in the South Zone opens on October 1
  • Bowhunting for the bear in the North Zone opens on September 17

Crossbow season is open to bowhunters during the last ten days of the North Zone bow season and the last 14 days of the South Bow season. This is open to bowhunters who possess a muzzleloading privilege and a crossbow qualification certificate, the DEC said.

Ruffed Grouse Hunting

The season opened on September 20 in upstate New York and will open on October 1 in the rest of the state. The hunt for the ruffed grouse extends until the last days of February.

However, DEC reminded hunters that it is illegal to hunt capercaillie, which inhabits the Northern Zone in Wildlife Management Units 5C, 5F, 6F, and 6J.

pheasant hunting

Season opening dates differ between state regions. Each date is listed below:

  • Oct 1: North and East Parts, Long Island
  • October 15: central and western portions

The DEC confirmed that it will release approximately 30,000 adult pheasants onto public hunting lands for the upcoming fall season. Many of these sites are privately owned. The DEC asked hunters to abide by any special rules.

Squirrel, rabbit and hare hunting

Squirrel season began September 1 in upstate New York and November 1 on Long Island. The rabbit hunt begins October 1 in upstate New York and November 1 on Long Island.

The DEC opens the hunting season for snowshoe hares or other permitted species on October 1 in the North Zone. Hare hunters in the Southern Zone are urged to report their sightings until DEC.

Wild Turkey Hunting

The New York season bag limit for wild turkey is one bird of either sex. Hunting hours are from sunrise to sunset. The open season dates are listed below by zone:

  • October 1 to October 14: North Zone
  • October 15 to October 28: South Zone
  • October 19-December 2: Suffolk County, Long Island

furrier hunting

New Yorkers are allowed to collect more than 30 species in waterfowl areas. The state has five waterfowl zones and nine Canada goose zones.

Below are the opening dates for the regular New York duck seasons:

  • October 1: North Zone
  • October 15: Lake Champlain, West and South Zones
  • November 19: Long Island Zone

You can find more information about hunting seasons in New York on the Department of Environmental Conservation website.