Excitement EnvironmentLaunch of SEVIIN Reels Peaks in Orlando

Seven decades in the making, SEVIIN Reels introduces its 2024 line this week, with availability to dealers and anglers beginning in September.

After spending the last seven decades building the The best reeds in the world, St. Croix Rod has learned a thing or two about crafting world-class fishing gear that gives anglers the edge. This week at the world’s largest fishing tackle trade show, we showcase the latest results of our Midwestern work ethic and angler-driven mission in the next exciting chapter of our story, one that focuses with laser only on reels and reels.

Backed by 75 years of design and manufacturing experience, industry-leading customer service, and 46 years of Schluter family ownership since 1977, SEVIIN reels are meticulously designed and built specifically to help anglers conquer all species in every part of the water. in the planet. Seven seas, seven continents, seven days a week, SEVIIN reels are fueled by a collective love of fishing second only to a passionate desire to deliver the most reliable and advanced reels on the water.

To the retailers, buyers, fishing media professionals, and other industry insiders who attended ICAST 2023 this week, the SEVIIN team thanks you for sharing our excitement and being an integral part of this historic launch. We offer the same thanks to others who cannot make it to the show, including the fishermen, who are the heart of our new brand.

We invite you all to take a detailed, first-hand look at all of SEVIIN’s exciting reels being shown for the first time here at ICAST 2023. For attendees, come cast with us at ICAST On the Water or visit us throughout the week. Ahead at Booth #3026. Also, you can get a closer look at the GX Spinning Reel (Freshwater Reel Category) and the GSW Saltwater Spinning Reel (Saltwater Reel Category) at the ICAST 2023 New Product Showcase. For those unable to attend or those running business at home, please take a virtual tour of all of our new products by clicking any of the links below.

SEVIIN GX Series Spinning Reels – Freshwater Reel Category

SEVIIN’s flagship offering in the multi-species spinning reel category, the GX series was designed and engineered over the past two years with the goal of producing an ultra-reliable family of lightweight, smooth and powerful spinning reels that offer a premium level of performance. elite. performance. Available in 750, 1000, 2000, 2500, and 3000 sizes, GX Series spinning reels start with carbon bodies, sideplates, and rotors to minimize weight and maximize stiffness and durability. Precision engineered aluminum handles and spools further enhance strength and durability with lightweight skeletonized designs. A one-piece titanium bail provides supreme balance and feel, fail-safe operation, and additional weight savings. External components are completed with premium machined aluminum trim pieces. Inside, the GX is powered by a precision-milled hard-brass pinion gear and die-cast helical drive gear for the optimal combination of feel and longevity. Ultra-smooth operation comes courtesy of a 10+1 bearing system and a carbon and stainless steel stacked drag system that offers nine to 22 pounds of maximum drag force, depending on the model. A unique micro-adjustable drag knob design makes it easy for anglers to make quick and precise drag adjustments. GX Series spinning reels also feature S-Curve super slow oscillation for even line stack, longer casts, and better overall line management. An internal support guide ensures that the reel’s up and down oscillation remains constant, even under the heaviest drag loads. Retail price is $190 with a one year warranty. Available in January 2024.

SEVIIN GSW Series Saltwater Spinning Reels – Saltwater Reel Category

The new SEVIIN GSW series encompasses four exceptionally smooth, powerful and versatile saltwater spinning reels (3000, 4000, 6000 and 8000 sizes), precision designed and manufactured to elevate the saltwater fishing experience with uncompromising performance and reliability. . Features include strong and durable aluminum construction, 6+1 shielded stainless steel bearing system, multi-stack carbon and stainless steel brake, S-bend slow oscillation, and premium machined accents. Retail price is $160-$200 with a one year warranty. Available in February 2024.

SEVIIN GF Series Fishing Reels

SEVIIN’s new GF series consists of six low-profile baitcasting models in three gear ratios available with right or left retrieve configurations. Featuring a 4+1 stainless steel bearing system (the two bearings on the reel shaft are Japanese stainless steel), carbon and stainless steel brake components, and hardened brass drive gears and pinion, the series reels GF’s combine launch, retrieve, and drag operation with great gear feel and excellent durability. Light, comfortable and solid in the hand, GF reels feature ported aluminum spools and carbon fiber handles to minimize weight, while a one-piece graphite frame and strong side plates provide excellent rigidity, improving even more so the satisfying way GF reels feel and perform. . Anglers will also appreciate GF’s micro-adjustable magnetic launch control that makes it easy to dial in maximum casting performance based on the specific line and lure being used. Retail price is $120 with a one year warranty. Available in September 2023.


SEVIIN GS Series Spinning Reels

Engineered from a blank slate to offer a valuable combination of smooth operation and long-lasting durability, SEVIIN’s new GS-Series consists of five versatile rotary models including 750, 1000, 2000, 2500 and 3000 sizes with rigid carbon bodies and light weights, side plates and rotors. Reels, handles, and key accent components are made from lightweight aluminum. GS’s spinning mechanics are supported by a silky smooth 6+1 stainless steel bearing system, while a precision carved hard brass pinion gear and die-cast worm gear drive the reels with smooth power and great feel. A micro-adjustable stacked carbon and stainless steel drag extends the smooth performance of the GS once powerful and aggressive fish are hooked. The GS Series spinning reels also feature a super slow S-Curve oscillation and rock-solid instant anti-reverse that ensures the line is evenly stacked on the spool, resulting in longer casts and fewer misfiring. line management, even when using finer sized and lighter lines. . Retail price is $140 with a one year warranty. Available in January 2024.


Interested in becoming a SEVIIN distributor? SEVIIN’s retail partners will serve as valued team members to represent the SEVIIN brand and products to anglers. As such, SEVIIN reels will be available to order from any retail customer, regardless of whether or not they choose to carry St. Croix rods. Come talk to us at booth #3026 or email dealersupport@SEVIINreels.com.

The SEVIIN Reel Team would also like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the hard-working members of the fishing media. Although we have worked tirelessly to create this brand and develop an exceptional inaugural line of products that give anglers the edge, we could not have successfully launched any of this without your help. Thank you for sharing our passion and enthusiasm in getting our story and information across to your readers, viewers, listeners, and followers.

About SEVIIN Reels
Wherever and however you fish, the reel in your hand should help you create better experiences. Born from St. Croix’s seven decades of design and manufacturing experience, industry-leading customer service, and continued private ownership of the Schluter family dating back to 1977, SEVIIN reels are meticulously designed and built specifically to help fishermen to conquer each species in each piece. of water on the planet. SEVIIN focuses only on reels and reels, designing and manufacturing products that enhance the fishing experience, regardless of the rods anglers choose. Seven seas, seven continents, seven days a week, SEVIIN reels are fueled by a collective love of fishing second only to a passion for delivering the most reliable and advanced reels on the water. Learn more at seviinreels.com.