Every season of Alone ranked worst to best

Regardless of what you think of this season, it will always be fun to go back to where it all began. With its premiere in 2015, it’s a pleasure to see season 1 of “Alone” in 2022, because it is an excellent showcase of how far the series is. Season 1 has a deliciously lo-fi, low-budget DIY feel to it that adds an undeniable sense of danger to everything. The shelters that the contestants themselves build are extremely terse, and the entire premise feels like totally new and dangerous territory. There was even a rumor floating around at the time that one of the contestants went missing, never found, and that this was covered up by the producers.

Of course, this was never confirmed, and probably isn’t true. Still, it’s a testament to how risky “Alone” felt back then. Heck, one of the contestants, fan favorite Alan Kay, lost a whopping sixty pounds in his time on the show. I’m no expert, but that doesn’t sound too good for you!