Every MeatEater Trivia VII Question

This is MeatEater Trivia, the only game show where conservation always wins.

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s a bonus podcast that we release several times a month on the MeatEater Podcast feed. These are trivia you won’t find on Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy, because these questions come from our four departments: Hunting, Fishing, Conservation, and Cooking. I’m the show’s creator and host, Spencer Neuharth.

Episode 329: Let’s play, idiots! MeatEater Trivia VII just released today. It features Steve Rinella, Ryan Callaghan, Brody Henderson, Sean Weaver, Kevin Gillespie, Kimi Werner, Hunter Spencer, Chester Floyd and Corinne Schneider vying for the title of trivia champion. And, as always, the winner chooses which conservation organization MeatEater will donate $500 to on their behalf.

Here are the 10 questions on this week’s show. If you want to play along and find out the answers, be sure to listen to the latest episode of MeatEater Trivia.

1. Mountain Men: By some accounts, Kit Carson’s last words were, “I wish I had time for one more _______.” (Kiss From My Third Wife, Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, Chili Bowl, or Mexican Sunset?)

2. Turkeys: An immature male turkey is named Jake. What is the name of an immature female turkey?

3. Dogs: According to the United Kennel Club, there are seven types of coonhounds. Name one of them.

4. Fishing: These three states that border each other are the only states in the United States with a record breaking 100+ pound flathead catfish. Name one of them.

5. Cook: Which fast food chain sold venison sandwiches as a hunting season promotion in 2016 and 2017?

6. Equipment: When it comes to the .30-30 Winchester, the first 30 represents the caliber of the bullet. What does the second 30 represent?

7. Conservation: According to the USGS, there are five states west of the Mississippi River in the lower 48 where CWD has not been detected. Name two of them.

8. Fishing: According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, this is the smallest and most abundant of the main commercial species of tuna.

9. Foraging: Which collected item is nicknamed “green gold” because it is worth around $500 per pound?

10. Conservation: Which Great Lakes state has the most plants and animals on the endangered species list?