Every MeatEater Trivia VI Question

MeatEater Trivia is a bonus podcast that we release several times a month on the MeatEater Podcast feed. These are trivia you won’t find on Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy, because these questions come from our four departments: Hunting, Fishing, Conservation, and Cooking. I’m the show’s creator and host, Spencer Neuharth.

Episode 323: Let’s play, idiots! MeatEater Trivia VI just released today. Features Steve Rinella, Janis Putelis, Brody Henderson, Seth Morris, Chester Floyd, Mike Kmon and Brent West vying for the title of trivia champion. And, as always, the winner chooses which conservation organization MeatEater will donate $500 to in their name.

Here are the 10 questions on this week’s show. If you want to play along and find out the answers, be sure to listen to the latest episode of MeatEater Trivia.

1. white tails: A recent study on private land in Georgia used trail cameras at bait sites to monitor how deer behave when playing different sounds. What kind of noise overwhelmingly scared the deer the most? Non-threatening birds, wolves, humans or coyotes?
2. Cook: What is the term used to describe a vegetarian who also eats fish and shellfish?
3. Hunting: There is only one state with regulated hunting seasons for both moose and alligators. What is?
4. Public Lands: Name one of the five least visited national parks in 2019.
5. Biology: rufus lynx What is the scientific name of which North American animal?
6. Equipment: There are four states in the lower 48 that don’t have Bass Pro or Cabela’s. Name one of them.
7. Deer Camp: This is an audio question that you can listen to on the podcast. We played a minute of the worst hunting song ever written. You need to identify who the artist is.
8. Fishing: There are four types of bullheads in North America that have a color in their name. Name two of them.
9. Cook: Name two of the three ingredients that make up the Cajun Trinity.
10. Vermin: Tell me the name of a male or female badger.