ESCORT Shotguns® Reign Supreme with a classic semi-auto

HatsanUSA®, the exclusive distributor of ESCORT Shotguns®, knows the importance of having a dependable, classic shotgun in your gun safe. This gas-operated semi-auto shotgun is designed to take your shooting experience to new heights.

Available in 12 and 20 gauge, chambered in a 3″ magnum, the ESCORT Supreme accommodates a wide range of ammunition. Thanks to the SMART® Valve Piston System, this self-regulating gas piston system effortlessly cycles 2 3/4″ and 3″ magnum cartridges, from 7/8 oz. up to 2 ounce magnum loads. Whether you’re shooting light loads or heavy magnums, this shotgun ensures consistent reliability and reduced recoil.

The FAST® loading system is a game changer, enabling faster and easier one-handed magazine loading. This system allows you to reload quickly, keeping you in the action without missing a beat. The 28″ barrel is perfect for both buckshot and slugs, providing optimum accuracy and versatility in various shooting scenarios.

The Escort Supreme is constructed from a high-quality Turkish walnut stock that is adjustable and both the stock and forend feature a checkered grip texture. The overall bright finish of the stock continues in the bright anodized aircraft aluminum alloy. The rubber recoil pad is also adjustable and helps absorb recoil.

A rust-resistant, fluted, and vented steel barrel measures 28 inches overall. The steel barrel construction is nickel-chrome-molybdenum-plated and is finished off with a fixed front fiber-optic sight. 11mm slot allows for easy scope mount installation. All barrels are tested at the factory to ensure maximum durability. Five chokes come standard in F, IM, M, IC and CYL and are suitable for steel shot.

The tube loader accommodates 4+1 or 2+1 with a migratory plug installed. The magazine cutoff system allows the shotgun to be fired in a single shot when necessary. The cross safety button is standard and sling pins are integrated for users’ personal sling style and size options.

The ESCORT Supreme shotgun is a superior firearm that combines functionality, reliability, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Escort Supreme features:

  • 12 or 20 gauge, 3 in. magnum chamber, gas actuated,
  • semi automatic shotgun
  • SMART® Valve Piston System – Self-regulating gas piston system cycles both 2 ¾ in. and 3 in. rounds, from ⅞ oz to 2 oz magnum loads
  • FAST® loading system allows for faster and easier one-handed magazine loading
  • 28-inch barrel for shots or slugs
  • Adjustable, bright finish, high quality Turkish walnut stock.
  • Adjustable rubber butt pad for recoil absorption with spacers to extend
  • pull length
  • Bright Anodized Aircraft Alloy Receiver
  • rust resistant
  • All kegs are tested at the factory to ensure
  • maximum durability
  • Checkered grip surfaces for better feel and control.
  • 7mm checkered vented anti-reflective rib with fixed front fiber optic sight
  • 11mm slots for optical mounts
  • Multi-choke system suitable for steel shot with 5 chokes
  • Stock wedges allow for drop and launch adjustment for a better fit.
  • Single shot magazine cut-off system
  • Manual cross button trigger safety
  • Mounted Sling Studs

Supreme Escort Specifications:

  • 12 gauge and 20 gauge gas shotgun
  • 3 in. – 76mm magnum chamber
  • Adjustable rubber butt plate
  • Black chrome Ni-Cr-Mo steel body
  • 28 in / 71 cm barrel length
  • 48 inches / 122 cm in total length
  • 12 gauge – 6.8 pounds total weight
  • 20 gauge – 6.4 pounds total weight
  • 14 ⅜ in. long traction
  • 1 ⅝ in. drop on the comb
  • 2 ½ in. drop. on the heel
  • Chokes: F, IM, M, IC, CYL
  • Tube loader capacity: 4+1 or 2+1 with migratory plug installed

HatsanUSA is the exclusive distributor of Hatsan airguns and Escort firearms in the US. Renowned for precision craftsmanship and performance, Hatsan products provide an exceptional shooting experience. The brands are driven by purpose and are recognized for their outstanding power, performance, reliability and value. Hatsan prides itself on its vertically integrated manufacturing process, which allows it to maintain the highest levels of quality, workmanship, and a competitive edge.

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