ep. 54: Genuine Outlaws – Tough Men, Part 2

In this episode of the Bear Grease Podcast, we’re going to continue building a
biographical sketch of Louie Dale and Charley Edwards, two southerners known for being turkey-hunting outlaws, but also men loved in their community, by most. We’ll dive into the moonshine incident and give a bit of backing as to why people said they were “tough men.” You’ll hear about some fights and gunplay, so if you’re sensitive to those talks, be warned: but if you want a little picture of the American South, these guys deliver. These men were connected to the land and formed their identity. Host Clay Newcomb, having known them all his life, isn’t ashamed of how much he liked these boys, but he is conflicted because he didn’t agree with some of the things they did. Life is a paradox and the linear equations built to judge do not always add up. This episode is a sketch of two colorful modern characters. Their lives were just plain entertaining and intriguing, we doubt you’d want to miss it… Hey, and if you stick around until the end… You’ll hear Clay and Ranger Jimmy Martin relive a run in them. he had when Clay was 16.