Ep.352: Strange Guests with Andrew Zimmer

Topics Discussed: Andrew’s new show, “Wild Game Kitchen”; all the weird foods and a children’s book; an early love for the WWF and Mean Jean; Duck Lore, Season 2 is Out!; Typha, FirstLite’s new line of waterfowl is finally here; cast strips; ninja throwing stars; how looking at images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope ruins your day; deniers of cougars and truthful of cougars; the first case of homosexual necrophilia in mallards; Kevin dispelling the myths about pickles and explaining the difference between pickles and marinades from a scientific perspective; Martha Stewart’s skinny chopsticks and how she shines with Snoop Dog; searching for rose hips and crabs on Long Island, New York; a free and relaxed housewife from the 1960s; skipping meals; Andrew’s experiences living with protected tribes; nailing 5-step snakes to the crucifixion bush; literally chasing kudu; the “I’m not here” mode and the Makushi code of silence; trying to be helpful; the lessons that nature teaches you about yourself; judge Iron Chef; and more.