ep. 342: Being arrested for touching the air

Topics discussed: how HOAs are the worst but neighbors can be shit too; emptor warning; Blue Cheese, the bulldog and the pigeon that nested in a balcony grill; Ryan Callaghan, HOA President; wild, jiu jitsu-dominated haymakers; Cornell University’s bird identification app; how you need to watch Jani’s new show “On the Hunt” on MeatEater’s Youtube channel; an update on the Brandon Butler cabin arson; when he accidentally leaves his parole papers in a place where he has been squatting; a distinctly methy look; corner crossing and infinitely finite; touching the air; ranchers who brag about how “important” the landowner is; take pictures of every corner; harassment of the hunter from the truck; the need for some privacy when urinating; the original real estate ad; bruised airspace; the Illegal Enclosure Law; a long 3-day misdemeanor trial in a small courtroom; and more.