ep. 315: In a Prayer with Michael Waddell

Discussed topics: tiddlers and winkers; the true meaning of “whistling dixie”; Mike Waddell, pecan farmer; data points to consider regarding ice fishing and prostitution; Captain Cook and Captain Hook; a squirrel’s nut and chattering sheet music; the yew plant is pretty for landscaping but deadly for moose; when a moose ravages your sled dog team; when winning a turkey singing contest changes your life and you become a bone collector; learn to edit hunting videos; how you shouldn’t be ashamed to be country as hell; Mike’s encouragement to go after your dreams; T-Bone and the ‘ole leg lamp; finished sausages with pecans; back to earth with Claudine; goat milk in your Froot Loops; the double pleasure you get from burping French fries; and more.