Elite Tactical GAP Grind celebrates the 10th anniversary of the PRS competition

Bushnell®an industry leader in performance optics, recently concluded the 10the annual GA Precision/Elite Tactical “GAP Grind” Pro/Am. The largest and most sought after PRS match in the world, the GAP Grind attracted 400 amateur and professional shooters from across the United States and the world. Internationally recognized as the only long-range precision rifle competition of its kind, the competition has been the catalyst for introducing thousands of new shooters to the sport since its inception.

As part of this year’s competition, Elite Tactical, in collaboration with Bergara Rifles and Lapua® rimfire ammunition, sponsored a side stage where shooters had the opportunity to try out the new Elite Tactical DMR3 scope with new EQL reticles. Shooters also competed for side stage prizes for the best professionals and amateurs.

In the main competition, Elite Tactical, Hoppe’s and RCBS pro Robert Brantley won Top Tactical and Elite Tactical pro Ryan Kerr won Top Production. Sponsored shooter Troy Livesay also ranked 13ththe combined overall score (6the place Pro) and finished in fifth place as part of the tag team competition with teammate Rick Lovely. Throughout the competition, Brantley, Kerr and Livesay used the Elite Tactical XRS3 scope.

The biggest PRS match of the year drew hundreds of attendees and over 80,000 rounds were fired over the three days of the event. In addition to the competition stages, GAP Grind featured a vendor area, live music and entertainment. Bushnell awarded $5,000 to the top finishers and added more than $5,000 in product to the prize pool. The brand also awarded three special awards during the event: the Deserving Amateur Award, the Deserving RO (Road Official) Award, and the Best Athlete Award, which is given to a competitor who exhibits the “spirit of the grind” during the match. . helping others and showing good sportsmanship.

“Sponsoring GAP Grind is always a privilege, and this 10-year mark made it especially fun,” said Matt Rice, senior manager of media relations for Bushnell. “GAP Grind is about giving new and experienced shooters a welcoming place to test and hone their skills, and our partners at K&M, GA Precision and PRS have done a fantastic job of making that goal a reality.”

Elite Tactical GAP Grind Winners 2022

Top 5 pros:

1St. – Daniel Hereid

twoNorth Dakota – Francis Columbus

3dr – Chad Heckler

4the –Chris Simmons

5the – Nathan Cushman

Top 5 Fans:

1St. –Toby Phillips

twoNorth Dakota – Tyler Yauch

3dr –Jeff Johnson

4the –Ryder Smith

5the – Caleb Purinton

Top 5 Pro/Am Teams:

1St. – Tate Streater and Toby Phillips

twoNorth Dakota – Chad Heckler and Jacob Strutt

3dr – Joey McConnell and Ryder Smith

4the –Daniel Herald and Vince Yarling

5the –Troy Livesay and Rick Lovely

Full match results link

To learn more about Bushnell Elite Tactical or to view their full line of optics, visit Bushnell.com. For additional information on GAP Grind, visit kmprecisionrifletraining.com.

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