Elevate Stand Co. Launches New Website

Increased Demand And Product Line Expansion Justifies Launching A New Website At Elevate

Elevate Stand Company, creators of 100% American-made premium tree stands and accessories designed to take serious mobile hunters to new heights, is pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new website.

In 2021, Elevate Stand Co. came to life for brothers Josh and Jarad Stubbs. They had always wanted to do something in the outdoor industry and with a combined experience of 32 years in the aerospace industry, they had a lot of working knowledge of aluminum, in terms of manufacturing and quality. Despite the challenges of 2020, Josh and Jarad saw an opportunity to break into the high-end mobile tree stand market, and that’s exactly what they did with Elevate. Now, one year later, with a rapidly growing customer base and an expanding product line, Elevate has made its mark on the hunting industry.

Increased demand and expansion of the product line has resulted in the creation of a new website for Elevate Stand Co. As a 100% American direct-to-consumer company, much emphasis was placed on their online presence. This approach certainly shows through in every way on the new site. The website is visually pleasing with amazing lifestyle imagery, while at the same time having flawless function for customers looking to learn more about Elevate products and ultimately add those products to their own hunting arsenals. .

“Thanks to a lot of hard work, we are proud to announce the launch of the new Elevate Stand Co. website,” said Josh Stubbs. “As an American direct-to-consumer company, our website is our storefront and possibly the most important part of doing business here at Elevate. We have several exciting new things in the pipeline that we can’t wait to offer our customers and our new website will be the primary vehicle for all that is to come.”

With recent product introductions, the Elevate website now offers tree racks, climbing poles, tree rack accessories, e-bikes, and brand name apparel. If you are a mobile hunter or just looking to try out a new high performance American made treestand, please visit https://elevatestand.co/

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About Elevate Stand Co:

Elevate products pride themselves on being 100% American Made in Kansas. We are hardcore hunters and gear addicts just like you. We have a fierce passion for the outdoors and a desire to improve mobile hunting through true innovation. Whether playing chess with whitetails in the Midwest or traversing the Alaskan mountains in search of caribou, hunting is in our DNA. Our ultralight tree stands and accessories are designed to take the serious mobile hunter to new heights. Join us and raise your expectations.