EAA hires Dangersoup for public relations and media relations

(Cocoa, Florida) Florida-based European American Armory Corporation, the world’s leading importer of European firearms, has set out to bring firearms that are at the forefront of technology to US consumers. To help with their mission, they have hired Dangersoup to handle media and public relations.

Founded in 1990, EAA has a long history of bringing highly popular variants and modified versions of successful firearms to market at affordable prices. Their reliability has earned them many fans and their customer service has earned them trust. “When looking for an agency to represent us, we wanted a company that also had a high level of faith within the industry,” explains Keith Bernkrant, CEO of EAA. “Dangersoup has many long-established relationships and their references were not only enthusiastic, but excited to tell us about working with them. It was an easy choice.”

“The products and services that EAA has provided to customers across the country are fantastic. They do a great job of selecting their manufacturers and putting the time and effort into ensuring they offer the highest quality at the best price,” said Justin Moore, owner of Dangersoup. “It’s a home run for everyone and we can’t wait to tell more people about their commitment to their partners and their end users.”

For more information, contact National Sales and Import Manager, Chase Duffey at [email protected] for sales information or Justin Moore at [email protected] for media relations.

About EAA Corp.

Headquartered in Florida and founded in the early 1990s, European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.) has brought value to firearms owners with a variety of fair and affordable revolvers, rifles and pistols from international manufacturers. respectable. EAA Corp’s mission has always been “good quality products at reasonable prices”. www.eaacorp.com

About Danger Soup

Dangersoup was born with the intention of changing the way a traditional creative agency markets, photographs, advertises and communicates its clients’ products or services. With a strong presence in the firearms and hunting industries, and over a decade of working with some of the top content creators, Dangersoup can deliver seamless and resourceful responses to even the most demanding requests. dangerouspa.com