DSC Convention 2025 Destination Atlanta Dallas Safari Club Venue Change for DSC Convention & Sports Expo 2025 – 2029

Shane Mahoney of Conservation Visions has been named the inaugural recipient of the DSC Foundation Education Award.

The Dallas Safari Club (DSC) looks forward to hosting the upcoming 2024 DSC Sports Convention & Expo in Dallas, Texas on January 11-14, 2024. We are excited to welcome back the best exhibiting partners and attendees to our incredible Convention. The DSC Convention kicks off each year as the first major hunting and conservation show in North America. Inspired by true southern hospitality, we’re proud to have hosted a world-class event in Dallas for over 40 years.

The DSC Convention expects to bring together an estimated total attendance of 40,000 people and approximately 900 exhibiting partners representing 72 different countries from around the world, in a space of 700,000 square feet. of exhibit hall inside the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas.

As we look beyond 2024, inevitable changes are looming in our future. The City of Dallas has announced a multi-year plan to demolish and redevelop the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, our event site for the past 14 years. While there is excitement about what will be a state-of-the-art facility here in Dallas, this massive project requires DSC to find a new home for our Convention for the years 2025-2029, until construction is complete.

After a comprehensive review of 32 locations, spanning Texas and the US, DSC is pleased to announce that the 2025-2029 DSC Conventions will take place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia World Congress Center. Our extensive search and evaluation took into account convention center facilities, hotels, amenities and international airport access, as well as regional outdoor lifestyle demographics. We are extremely confident that the Georgia World Congress Center will be the premier site for successful DSC conventions in the future!

The dates of the DSC conventions in Atlanta will not change from those previously published, and we are confident that our exhibiting partners, attendees and guests will continue to enjoy the southern hospitality that is the hallmark of the DSC Convention. Atlanta representatives will be on hand at the 2024 Dallas Convention to provide a wealth of information about the convention center, the city, and their commitment to providing a world-class experience.

In addition to the annual conventions taking place in Atlanta from 2025 to 2029, DSC is pleased to announce that in 2025 we will begin hosting a second convention in Dallas each summer. Aligned with the DSC Foundation Gala, this Expo will feature many of our valued exhibiting partners, include evening events, and culminates with the annual DSC Foundation Gala on Saturday night.

While Dallas will always be our home and we are very excited about the future of the new Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, DSC looks forward to the opportunity to put on the largest hunting and conservation show on the road for a few years. We look forward to seeing you in Dallas, Texas on January 11-14, 2024, and encourage you to make plans to join us in Atlanta beginning in 2025!

About Dallas Safari Club:

A member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), DSC is a mission-focused conservation organization funded by hunters around the world. With an administrative staff of less than 15 and a volunteer army of 500, DSC hosts an annual Convention that raises funds for conservation, education and advocacy grants. Over the past two years, millions of dollars have been channeled to qualified projects, organizations and programs in support of that mission.

OUR MISSION: The mission of the Dallas Safari Club is to ensure the conservation of wildlife through public participation, education, and advocacy for well-regulated hunting and sustainable use.

OUR VISION: DSC’s vision is a society that values ​​wildlife, is involved in its conservation, and understands and supports the role of well-regulated hunting in the sustainable use of wild resources.

For more information on the Dallas Safari Club, visit: www.biggame.org.