Dryshod’s new Evalusion boot is in stock and ready to ship

The new benchmark in performance waterproof footwear for outdoor recreation and occupational use, Dryshod continues to advance footwear technology with the most comfortable, highest performing, and now LIGHTEST waterproof boots on the market today. The new Evalusion Hunt, Evalusion Hi and Evalution Ankle cleats feature a one-of-a-kind outsole material that makes them exceptionally lightweight while still providing superior traction and support on any terrain.

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts know that while waterproof boots are a welcome commodity in all types of terrain and weather conditions, they often come with a “high” price tag. It is the weight of waterproof boots and the fatigue resulting from hours of walking over rough terrain that has limited their use for many outdoor adventurers. With Dryshod Evalusion, that problem is solved.

Evalusion is the first series of waterproof boots to feature Dryshod’s exclusive Dureva™ outsole technology. Dureva is a lightweight, abrasion resistant fusion compound that provides the superior durability and traction demanded in a performance outsole while offering exceptional comfort, energy return and a stable footing. This means that a secondary rubber sole is no longer required. By eliminating the need for a secondary outsole, the Evalusion boots are nearly a pound lighter than Dryshod’s already lightweight counterparts. Such weight reduction allows you to go further and longer without the fatigue commonly associated with waterproof boots.

In addition to weight reduction, the Dureva compound maximizes traction performance with the Evalusion’s multi-lug tread design. The tread offers optimal stealth by flexing and folding quietly over ground elements. This is invaluable to hunters, of course, but also to anyone navigating rough terrain where superior traction is essential.

To learn more about Dryshod’s innovative Evalusion series of waterproof boots or to view the company’s complete line of waterproof footwear, visit DryshodUSA.com.

About Dry shoes

The team behind Dryshod first developed the bootie-style neoprene and rubber boot category over 20 years ago. Now they have elevated the performance of protective footwear through the application of advanced materials, field-proven construction techniques, and purpose-built designs, all to ensure that Dryshod consumers receive the most comfortable, best-performing, and best-in-class waterproof boots. high quality for any task or adventure. Dryshod’s mission is to provide farmers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who works or plays in wet, sloppy, and cold conditions with the most durable, reliable, and comfortable 100% waterproof footwear available. To learn more about the Dryshod waterproof footwear difference, visit DryshodUSA.com.