Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Feed the Animals and Their Favorite Foods

Feeding the animals at Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of many unique activities you can take part in with this adorable game. However, finding the right food for the right animal can bring you some useful rewards.

With a multitude of adorable animals scattered throughout Dreamlight Valley, finding, feeding, and getting rewards from them is far from a simple challenge. After all, you have to approach each animal differently and feed them a specific food in order to see those recognizable love stars.

Fortunately, each animal has its own favorite food and technique to catch them. We’ve found each animal’s favorite food in Disney Dreamlight Valley and the details on exactly how to find and feed them.


Feeding a squirrel his favorite food at Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney/Gameloft

Feed the animals their favorite food in exchange for a reward.

What animals are in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

There are eight different animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley that are available to feed. They come in different colors and patterns, but will still have the same favorite food as the species they belong to.

Here are all the animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • crocodiles
  • foxes
  • rabbits
  • raccoons
  • ravens
  • sea ​​turtles
  • squirrels
  • sunbirds

How to Feed the Animals at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley feeding an apple to a squirrelDisney/Gameloft

Some animals are much more difficult to feed than others.

Feeding the animals at Disney Dreamlight Valley isn’t as easy as walking up to them and feeding them your favorite food. For some, you’ll have to chase them down until they agree to feed, for others, it’s a little easier.


To feed a crocodile its favorite food, you will need to be patient and very good at not being seen. When you see one, you will have to wait until they lower their heads. Once they do, sneak up on them and stop when they raise their heads again. Repeat this until you get close enough to feed them.


Fortunately, you won’t need to play any games with these adorable foxes. However, you’ll still have to chase them around Frosted Heights until they want to accept some food. Hungry animals will close in on you and chase you down, so be careful where you step.


Rabbits function much like foxes, but are a bit easier to track and feed. You will need to approach them and follow them as they lead you on a chase around Peaceful Meadow. This will happen three to four times before you can feed them.


If you want to feed a raccoon, you will have to be patient and slow. Running towards them will cause them to run away, so make sure you approach them carefully. Move slowly and you can feed these furry friends.


Ravens are incredibly elusive and we haven’t been able to locate them yet. However, we will update this when we manage to find this pesky bird.

sea ​​turtles

Unlike cunning crows, sea turtles are much easier to spot and much easier to feed. All you need to do is approach them, wait for them to come out of their shells, and feed them their favorite food.


Squirrels are among the easiest animals to catch at Disney Dreamlight Valley and are one of the first you’re likely to come across. All you need to do is approach them and feed them. Those who want food will not run away.


While many of the other animals in this game prefer you to approach slowly, the Sunbirds will force you to run quickly as they move away. Keep chasing them and stay determined to feed this tricky animal.

Every Disney Dreamlight Valley Animal’s Favorite Food

Below is each animal’s favorite food and where they can be found. We have yet to find the Ravens in the Forgotten Lands, but will update this as soon as we find and feed them.

That’s all the animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what their favorite foods are. Be sure to check out some of our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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