Dick Martin: Some Tips for Squirrel Hunting

I don’t claim to be an expert on squirrel hunting, and I’m not. But, I have hunted bushy tails since I was 12 years old hunting them with a JC Higgin 20 gauge purchased with money from the newspaper trail, and since then I have hunted the live animals from the bottom of the Ohio River to the woods near Lake Erie and many places in the middle. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that his habits never change. What they did 40 years ago is the same thing they will do during this chipmunk season, especially the first part.

One thing that has always been obvious is that gray squirrels are a very different animal from their cousins, the fox squirrel. Grays are found throughout Ohio, but their main territory is in the heavily forested counties of southern, southeastern, and southwestern Ohio, places where tall wood often stretches for miles and more up and down than flat. They are jumpy, nervous little creatures, prone to jumping and usually wary of anything unusual in their environment. Shoot one and miss it, and it will collapse onto a high branch, and stay there for hours until you leave.