Dial in the perfect light with the Davinci 18000 from NEBO

With days getting shorter and nights getting longer, there’s no more important item to have on hand than a strong and durable flashlight.

Whether outside under the stars or inside during a power outage, a reliable and versatile light source is crucial to staying safe and getting the job done.

NEBO’s Davinci 18000 Rechargeable Flashlight can do just that. It offers bright, precise, adjustable lighting using a patented magnetic mode selector and a sleek, rugged design.

Illuminate any area with up to 18,000 lumens, using the latest NEBO smart technology features such as Optimized COB, Smart Power Control (SPC), Smart Temperature Control (STC), Direct-to-Low Startup and patented Mag Dial for quick and easy selection. easily a light mode

The Davinci 18000 has five light modes to choose from, including a Turbo mode that delivers a maximum of 18,000 lumens at a beam distance of 276 yards. It also features a strobe mode that emits the full 18,000 lumens in a repeating on/off pattern, which is great for emergency situations. It features a 2x zoom, allowing adaptation to any situation by choosing the correct beam output and distance, all while conserving power and extending battery life.

Light modes, outputs, run times and beam distances have been calibrated and designed to make the Davinci 18000 extremely versatile, allowing for any lighting need, near or far, with a range of beam distance. from 53 to 253 meters (173 to 830 ft). .

It’s rechargeable, with power and charge indicators to show the charge level and when it’s time to recharge, which can be done quickly with the USB-C port.

The Davinci 18000 is constructed of strong aircraft-grade aluminum, making its body durable yet lightweight. The IP67 rating means storms won’t stop you from getting things done and having an adventure.

The Davinci 18000’s casing is dust and water resistant to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Its rubberized handle adds comfort and a secure grip when carrying while helping to prevent falls.

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NEBO DAVINCI 18000 Flashlight


  • 18000 lumen flashlight
  • Mode selection dial with intelligent power control
  • USB type C rechargeable
  • five light modes
  • optimized COB
  • 2 magnifications
  • IP67 waterproof


  • MSRP $229.99
  • SKU NEB-FLT-1015


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