Demerle Tops Air Rifle Events During CMP 2022 Monthly Match League

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Season of Monthly Matches 2022 has officially come to an end. With the six air pistol matches for the year, the winners of the Monthly Match League can now be awarded.

The Monthly Match League is designed for those air rifle or air pistol athletes who shoot in four or more CMP Monthly Matches, which are held simultaneously throughout the year at the Gary Anderson CMP Competency Center in Ohio and Central of Judith Legerski CMP competitions in Alabama. The top five finishers in the Junior 3×20 Precision/Sporter and Open 60 Shot Air Rifle/Air Pistol events win prize money based on the number of entrants. First through third places also earn plaques for their performances.

The Monthly Match League saw nearly 900 entries in 2022, with $1,925 distributed among the winning athletes overall.

Katrina Demerle led the 3×20 Precision and 60 Shot Rifle categories.

Katrina Demerle, 17, of Hamilton, OH, led the 3×20 precision event with an average score of 595.0. She competed in the six monthly matches offered and received $175 for her overall league win.

Demerle also again caught first in the 60 Shot Rifle event, with an average score of 622.38. For his victory, he won $200.

Sandra Uptagrafft was the overall athlete in the 60 Shot Pistol event.

In 3×20 Sporter, Bethany Shirley, 16, of Monroe, GA, shot in four Monthly Matches to rack up an average score of 528.75 for $150, while Sandra Uptagrafft, 51, of Phenix City, AL, participated in five Monthly Matches, where he earned an average score of 566.25 in the 60 shot pistol event. Taking first place in the match, Uptagrafft received $150 from the CMP.

Overall Top 3 Ranking in 2022 Monthly Matches:

3×20 precision:

  1. Katrina Demerle, 17, Hamilton, OH
  2. Bremen Butler, 18, Fort Wayne, IN
  3. Claudia Muzik, 16, Green Springs, OH

Sports 3×20:

  1. Bethany Shirley, 16, Monroe, GA
  2. Joshua Shirley, 18, Monroe, GA
  3. Carter Freeman, 17, Grove City, OH

60 shot rifle:

  1. Katrina Demerle, 17, Hamilton, OH
  2. Bremen Butler, 18, Fort Wayne, IN
  3. Claudia Muzik, 16, Green Springs, OH

60 shot pistol:

  1. Sandra Uptagrafft, 51, Phenix City, Alabama
  2. Blaine Simpson, 17, Sydney, OH
  3. Brennan Laing, 17, Plymouth, MI

High General Junior Rifle: katrina demerle

High Overall Junior Pistol: blaine simpson

The 2023 Monthly Match season will begin on January 21. See all the 2022 monthly match league winners and learn more at

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