Delta Duck Hunters EXPO Podcast Studio sponsored by MOJO Outdoors

“Voice of the Duck Hunter” returns in person to deliver entertaining and informative segments from the Duck Hunters EXPO floor thanks to a sponsorship from MOJO

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA—The Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters EXPO at the State House Convention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, July 28-30 will feature an 80,000-square-foot exhibit floor. Among its exciting attractions will be the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast studio sponsored by MOJO Outdoors.

“We are honored to return as a Title Sponsor,” said MOJO Outdoors President and CEO Terry Denmon. “Last year’s EXPO podcasts incorporated a variety of insights on topics of paramount importance to the world of waterfowl hunting and conservation and added value to passionate listeners from all flyways.”

“With so many factors dictating the success of waterfowl research, production and management, conservation has great benefits for duck hunters. Studying and participating in conservation practices adds valuable knowledge to each of us, making us all better hunters. MOJO Outdoors will continue to support Delta Waterfowl’s effort to educate the community not only about duck conservation and production, but also the “whys” behind it all.”

The “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast team will call guests from the multitude of waterfowl policy and production experts, duck hunting superstars, champion callers, winning dog trainers, canine health experts, marketers and more who will gather for Duck Hunters EXPO to record entertaining and insightful episodes for listeners across the country.

“There’s nothing like sitting face to face with podcast guests,” said Delta director of conservation and podcast host Joel Brice. “Thanks to the continued support of MOJO, the EXPO podcast provides us with an excellent opportunity to bring together a collection of waterfowl experts educated in all aspects of our sport, in person, and share the unique experience of our event with listeners from all over the world. the country”.

Listeners can stream the Delta Waterfowl podcast on Apple, Spotify, and TuneIn.

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