Deer Eater Podcast Season 2 Is Going Strong

With many fall hunting seasons having launched across the country and more about to begin, hunters can be found spending their extra time reading, watching, and listening to hunting-related tips and discussions to increase the level of hunting. excitement and be fully prepared for the fall 2022 hunting season.

One of the platforms that hunters of entertainment and tips look to are the many outdoor-related podcasts that are now available. One of the most popular among listeners is the Deer Eater Podcast, hosted by Jason Say and Josh Kinser. Season 2 kicked off with great episodes featuring Jason, Josh, and their guest extraordinaire. Suppose you have never heard or missed the latest episodes. Shows 8, 9 and 10 have been full of action-packed talks and guests that will keep you on the edge of your seat, eager to learn and hear stories of hunts past. Below is a summary of each episode that is sure to tempt you to listen to them in their entirety.

Episode 7 – Travis T-Bone Turner Health Update, Hunting and Shooting Tips

T-Bone talks about his recovery from cancer. He tells listeners how he found out about the cancer in his leg and how his leg was amputated. T-Bone has remained optimistic during this difficult time in his life. Later, T-Bone explains how he runs his, he’s a big believer in food plots, but more importantly, supplemental feeding.

Episode 8 – Moose Hunting with the Hunting Journals of Eastman Scott Reeker

Have you always dreamed of going moose hunting in the western part of the United States? Jason and Josh sit down with Scott Reeker of Eastman’s Hunting Journal, who helps many hunters plan their next western hunting adventure.

Reeker provides much-needed information on where to hunt, how to request tags, and how to properly use saved points. While Jason, Josh and Scott reminisce about past hunts, they also provide insights like what western states have to offer when it comes to hunting mule deer and elk. Reeker discusses recent changes, how to draw labels, and tips on how to plan your quest for those dreams.

Episode 9 – Hunting on Public Lands with PA Hunter Don Ott

In recent years, the popularity and demand from hunters who want to hunt on public land has increased dramatically. When Deer Eater host Jason Say and Josh Kinser admit they have little experience hunting public lands, they bring in Pennsylvania public lands hunter Don Ott. The latter has more than 50 years of experience hunting on public land. Ott helps guide the hunters in the right direction for those who want to learn.

Jason, Josh, and Don have a friendly conversation about the many fun experiences they’ve had or witnessed while hunting on public lands. In addition, Ott explains how to be successful on public land by providing tips like hunting deep in the woods, taking advantage of online maps like OnX Maps, exploring every available minute possible, how to hunt pressured deer, and how to exercise properly to prepare for hunting on land. public.

Episode 10 – Early Season Deer Hunting with Brian Switzer

As many hunting seasons have begun, hunters are eager to learn how to hunt early season whitetails. In this episode, Jason and Josh have returning guests and Jason’s good friend Brian Switzer on the show to discuss the best season-opening tactics hunters should know.

Jason Say recaps a couple of early season hunts from the past where Say was lucky enough to catch a mature male early. Beginning in July and August, the boys analyze early season tips to find a mature male and model his moves. They also explain the best game cam strategies early in the season, early dollar patterns, and how to work on your success using simulated scratch offs early in the season. As the guys dig deeper, the listener will understand why they mark the beginning of the season as one of the best times to harvest a ripe buck.

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