Danyela D’Angelo joins the Remington team

Remington Ammunition has announced that tri-gun competitor and social media phenomenon Danyela D’Angelo has joined Team Remington. D’Angelo will soon be competing and winning with Remington ammunition, as well as showcasing the iconic Remington brand to a new generation of shooters.

“Danyela is a very talented shooter and has been able to capture the interest of a large audience in the shooting community,” said Joel Hodgdon, director of marketing for Remington Ammunition. “She has a lot of potential and with her outreach to the younger generation of shooters, Danyela has the ability to promote Remington and the shooting sport in general in a very positive way.”

Danyela D’Angelo has built a massive following on a variety of platforms as a competitive shooter and social media personality. She is widely known for her speed, accuracy, and competitive nature in the world of three-gun shooting. D’Angelo will showcase the legendary performance of Remington pistol, rifle and shotgun ammunition.

“I am very happy to be a part of Team Remington and have the opportunity to shoot a variety of Remington ammunition for practice and competition,” said D’Angelo. “Everyone knows the prestige and heritage associated with Remington and I am very excited to showcase the capabilities of their ammunition and start earning as a member of the team.”

To see Danyela D’Angelo put Remington ammunition to the test, fans can follow her Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other social media channels. Find Remington ammunition at dealers across the country and online. For more information on Remington ammunition and accessories, visit www.remington.com.