CZ Configurator now available in the US

Kansas City, Kansas – We are happy to announce that the CZ Configurator is now online and available to CZ customers in the United States!

With the addition of the United States, the CZ Configurator is now fully operational, serving CZ customers in seven countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, and the United States. CZ models differ for each country, so visit the CZ Configurator site to see available models by country.

The CZ Configurator is an online tool that allows you to fully customize and order the CZ firearm of your dreams from the convenience of your phone or computer. CZ provides complete control in the construction and accessories of the weapon: model, caliber, colors, components, controls and accessories.

The firearm is virtually displayed on the screen as the user specifies colors, components, controls, and accessories. Users can save, print and share the custom configured firearm at any time.

With the initial release of CZ Configurator in mid-October 2019, CZ established itself as the world leader in putting the power of custom firearms in the hands of its customers. Since this custom firearm is an official CZ product made in the CZ factory, a full warranty is provided on the configured firearm and all components and accessories. Access to exclusive CZ services is also available to CZ Configurator customers.

The CZ Configurator is truly a revolution in building, ordering, and purchasing a custom firearm!

Join the CZ Configurator revolution today by visiting!

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