Crush clays and transform rifle ammunition

As part of its 100 year anniversary celebration, Federal Ammunition presents monthly online content celebrating Federal’s rich history. Recent new article posts highlighted Federal’s projectile target loads and Federal’s high-quality rifle ammunition. Content can be found on the 100th Anniversary Microsite: A Century Of Authority (

Chronicling the history of Federal’s line of target shooting cartridges, “Crushing Clays From The Early Days” describes what has made Federal loads the top choice for target shooters. In 1964, Federal introduced the Champion Target load, setting the standard for competitive shooters. Known for their consistent patterns and reliable performance, Federal target loads remain the top choice for competitive shooters.

“From backyard clay throwing to the Grand American to the Olympics, Federal target loads have set the standard in these competitions,” said Jason Nash, vice president of marketing for Federal Mmunition. “When you consider the wide range of competitions Federal Ammunition has helped shooters succeed in for decades, it’s another milestone in our company’s rich history.”

World War II prompted Federal Ammunition to produce ammunition for centerfire rifles. “Federal Transforms Rifle Ammunition” details the journey of Federal Rifle Ammunition production from World War II to the rounds of ammunition that hunters, shooters, and law enforcement have come to trust and use. As part of the continued advancement in the highest quality commercial cargo available, Federal opened the Federal Custom Shop. A dedicated team of veteran and skilled engineers, working on a state-of-the-art loading bench, hand-assemble the most accurate ammunition with the best projectiles possible for nearly 30 different centerfire rifle cartridges.

“Since 1963, Federal Ammunition has been producing centerfire rifle ammunition in a wide range of calibers and bullet designs,” Nash said. “Over the years, we have been able to make advancements in bullet design and performance to accommodate the most popular rifle calibers. Quality and performance are essential in everything we produce and the advances in our products prove it.”

Each month through the end of 2022, Federal Ammunition will upload additional content focused on the rich history of this American ammunition company. In addition to monthly online content, Federal Ammunition has released a 244-page book that preserves the company’s history. Federal Ammunition: The First Hundred Years can be found online at: Buy Federal The First 100 Years for USD 59.99 | Federal Ammunition (

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