Conservation Visions Named 2023 DSC Foundation Education Award Winner

Shane Mahoney of Conservation Visions has been named the inaugural recipient of the DSC Foundation Education Award.

The DSC Foundation is pleased to announce that Shane Mahoney of Conservation Visions is the inaugural recipient of the DSC Foundation Education Award. Recognizing the need to educate the public, media, and elected officials about the benefits of science-based wildlife management and legal and regulated hunting, this award recognizes the contribution of organizations or individuals who educate meaningful and unique information to others about wildlife conservation.

Shane Mahoney, founder and CEO of Conservation Visions, is an internationally recognized conservationist and wildlife advocate, and is considered one of the leading experts on the North American model of wildlife conservation. Mahoney, a former Director of Wildlife Research and Executive Director of Sustainable Development and Science for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, strongly believes in the benefits of communicating the science of conservation and sustainable use of wildlife to the general public. His views are respected across the spectrum of the conservation world: in the scientific and professional wildlife communities, as well as in NGOs, the outdoor industry, and the hunting and non-hunting public alike.

Winner of numerous awards, Mahoney is admired as a tireless worker on behalf of wildlife and a vocal advocate for sustainable use as a conservation tool. Currently, he serves as Vice President of the IUCN Livelihoods and Sustainable Use Specialist Group, International Liaison for the Wildlife Society, and Chairman of the Policy and Law Division of the International Council for Wildlife Conservation. and the Hunt.

Conservation Visions’ motto, “One Natural World, One Humanity, One Opportunity…Conservation Matters,” reflects Mahoney’s belief that the conservation movement is more important today than ever. He also underscores his belief that the future of wildlife and humanity are inseparable, and that only through an emphasis on our shared dependence on the world’s ecological landscapes can we deliver a sustainable future for all living things. Her love for wild animals and nature, and her concern for human cultures and rural livelihoods have long been recognized. So too, she has her ability and talent to speak on her behalf.

“We are delighted to recognize Shane Mahoney and Conservation Visions for their efforts to engage the public and inform policy on wildlife conservation issues, challenges and needs,” says Corey Mason, Executive Director of the DSC Foundation. “Mahoney, who is the CEO of Conservation Visions, provides unique and valuable global leadership in virtually all areas of conservation, including biodiversity protection and sustainable use. As a long-time partner of the DSC Foundation, Conservation Visions is the ideal inaugural winner of this award.”

Mahoney has been a designated adjunct professor at several Canadian universities and served as an adviser to numerous conservation organizations. His scientific research has focused primarily on predator-prey interactions and population dynamics of large mammals and has been presented in a wide range of peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, technical reports, and international symposia. He is also widely recognized as a leading authority on North American conservation history and policy and has been at the forefront of debates on sustainable use issues in both the United States and Canada. Recognized as a communicator on these issues, he has worked extensively in various media, writing and narrating for radio, contributing to popular magazines and technical magazines., presenting and narrating television series for various entities, including the British Broadcast Corporation, and producing independent films. She has lectured before various audiences around the world.

“Communication on behalf of wildlife and the inseparable nature of the interdependence of humans and wildlife has been at the center of my life and career,” says Mahoney. “I am deeply grateful for this recognition from the DSC Foundation. “

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