Connecting Students Outdoors at the University of Montevallo

EDGEFIELD, SC — Montevallo University, located in Montevallo, Alabama, has an outstanding outdoor program designed specifically for hunters and anglers, setting it apart from any other program of its kind.

Nine years ago, the President’s Outdoor Studies Program was founded at the University of Montevallo with an initial cohort of eight students. Since then, the program has thrived and this coming fall it anticipates an enrollment of approximately 125 students. A distinctive feature of the program is that each enrolled student receives a scholarship, ranging from partial tuition funding to receiving a full trip. Additionally, students have the privilege of participating in an annual hunting or fishing trip, adding a memorable experiential dimension to their academic journey.

The Outdoor Scholars Program at Montevallo University is strongly committed to promoting hunting, fishing, and conservation among its students. As part of the program experience, students can explore various internship opportunities with companies and organizations such as Buckmaster’s, PRADCO (Summit Tree Stands, Moultrie Products), Drake Waterfowl, Silver Banded Retrievers, BASS, Professional Outdoor Media Association, Sub Seven Productions , Hunt Club Productions and Element Outdoors.

This exposure equips students with invaluable industry knowledge and connections. Upon graduation, alumni of the program have earned positions with a wide range of companies and outdoor organizations, furthering their contributions to the field.

The National Wild Turkey Federation recently connected with the Montevallo University President’s Outdoor Scholars Program to extend free NWTF digital memberships to students in the program this fall. In addition, the Outdoor Scholars program has received $4,500 from the Alabama NWTF State Chapter. This substantial funding will be dedicated to sponsoring the school’s archery and shooting sports teams.

Students within the program also have the opportunity to participate in various outdoor competition teams. Among these teams, the university is proudly home to a highly successful national championship bass fishing team, an archery team, and is currently in the process of launching a sports shooting team.

The Bass Fishing Team has achieved remarkable success, winning Bass Pro Shops Team of the Year for an unprecedented three consecutive years.

“I am so blessed to have God’s creation as my classroom,” said William Crawford, director of the Outdoor Scholars program. “Mentoring these young people and helping shape the next generation is what I enjoy most about what I do. We have all had people in our lives who have influenced us in some way, and I hope this program and our staff have a lasting impact on our students.”

The Montevallo University President’s Outdoor Scholars Program continues to demonstrate its commitment to empowering students, promoting outdoor activities, and fostering a passion for conservation. Through its partnerships, scholarships, competitive teams, and unique opportunities, the program remains at the forefront of educating the next generation of conservationists and land managers who will shape the future of the outdoor industry.