Come on and get ready for pigeon season

America’s most hunted game bird, the dove, is heading south as the long, hot days of summer begin to fade. Pigeon season celebrates the promise of fall and the bounty of fall. For many hunters, pigeon season brings the companionship of shared stubble fields, companions sitting in buckets overlooking fields of sunflowers, and the first dog work of the season.

While finding a shady spot at the edge of a mowed field or hiding behind sunflower stalks may seem like one of the simplest ways to hunt, pigeon season does present some challenges – the right hunting clothing can help. Beating the heat with quick-drying material and choosing garments that move and flex help hunters stay comfortable in the field and be more successful.

A simple camouflage pattern with a mix of drab greens and browns like Mossy Oak’s Migrate or Shadow Leaf is extremely effective at keeping hunters hidden from oncoming pigeons. Implementing a successful camouflage pattern on comfortable, quick-drying fabrics is the ultimate goal for pigeon hunting this fall.

Warm September days and sometimes stifling humidity can heat up pigeon season. The people of Nomad understand the importance of staying comfortable and beating the heat when it comes to hunting in hot weather; its line of warm-weather camo shirts will have you covered this fall and pull double duty next spring.

Nomad Stretch-Lite Short Sleeve Shirt –

The Stretch-Lite Shirt was designed to be a lightweight, quick-drying, 4-way stretch shirt for hot weather hunting situations. Layer it over a t-shirt to help break the chill on cool mornings, or wear it alone on hot afternoons.

  • 2 way stretch
  • Perforated back and under sleeve.
  • Light
  • Fast dry

KRP Nomad Pant –

Choosing a pair of durable and comfortable pants can be tricky. Nomad recognizes that hunting pants should be comfortable and move with you while remaining durable. The Nomad KRP pant fits the bill and checks all the boxes.

The Nomad KRP Pant is the premier mountain hunting pant built to withstand the harshest conditions.

  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Front and back panels reinforced with elastic aramid fiber
  • Always adjustable waist
  • crotch gusset
  • never pop the button
  • 2 front pockets
  • 2 back pockets

Come on, it’s pigeon season –

When the days start to get shorter and hunting season rolls around, it’s time to prepare. Come out and enjoy the release of the fall and the most popular game bird in North America. Come on, it’s pigeon season!

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