Colt CZ Tribute to Legends Pistols Available at NFT Auction

The limited edition Tribute to Legends pistols will be available at auction today via NFT with the right to purchase tokens. This series consists of only 50 sets of hand-engraved Colt 1911 and CZ 75 pistols, commemorating the merger of two world-renowned firearms brands, American Colt and Czech CZ, into a single holding company in May 2021. The auction will begin on Thursday, April 20 and will run until Thursday, April 27.

The serial number range of the Tribute to Legends edition is COLT2021001 to COLT2021050 for the Colt 1911 and CZ2021001 to CZ2021050 for the CZ 75, which refers to the year of the Colt and CZ merger. The same unique serial number engraved on each pistol can also be found on the gold base plate of its corresponding magazine.

The auction will be for “Right to Purchase” NFT tokens, which serve as coupons for the right to purchase a specific pistol. These blockchain-backed digital assets make them unique, ensuring they cannot be duplicated and allowing you to trade them securely on the Colt CZ Group marketplace. Three sets with the serial numbers COLT2021002, COLT2021009 and COLT2021013, and CZ 75 CZ2021002, CZ2021009 and CZ2021013 are currently up for auction.

Each set of guns is auctioned separately. Bidders can bid on the serial numbers of their choice and any number of NFT tokens. Once bidders win the auction to reserve their serial number, the physical pistols are sold separately to the bidder. The cost is independent of the amount paid for the Voucher.

Please sign up at the link below to receive additional information if you wish to purchase the Tribute to Legends pistols through the NFT auction.

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