CMP Releases Summer 2023 Youth Rifle Camp Schedule

Those seeking apprenticeship opportunities for junior athletes in the air and small-bore rifle should look to the esteemed Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Junior Rifle Camps, which will be held across the country in 2023.

Each year, the CMP hosts a series of hands-on and informative Junior Rifle Camps for high school-age students and coaches during the summer months. Camp participants receive valuable lessons in intermediate and advanced marksmanship skills through various exercises and demonstrations, all led by current NCAA rifle athletes.

Junior Rifle Camp coordinator and former Morehead State University team member Ryan Hinson, who took over the leadership role last summer, returns again in 2023, ready to further enhance the program through updated lessons and training. inspired by the comments of the participants.

“The camps were a huge success last year,” Hinson said. “Not only are we expanding the number of athletes we reach, but we are learning along the way. With this, we are pleased to offer a number of changes to the camp experience in 2023 for both the athletes and coaches involved.”

“Most exciting, in my opinion, is the coaching curriculum aimed at bringing new tips and techniques to all coaches, regardless of experience level,” he continued.

Junior Rifle Camps are designed to train rifle fundamentals and techniques through group discussions and personal guidance from college mentors on the firing line. The full program also includes small-bore boot camps for even more opportunities to learn on the range.

During week-long camp sessions, teens learn tips like:

  • positioning
  • goal setting
  • anxiety control
  • Equipment performance optimization
  • Building self-confidence in the line of fire
  • Many other meaningful lessons to use on and off the field

Camps are excellent tools for developing each athlete’s strengths within the physical and mental aspects of the sport, while also refining problem areas that may need more attention. Students are able to apply the constructive lessons learned at camp to their own budding marksmanship careers, with many going on to college programs and beyond.

Outside of the week-long curriculum, other options for juniors include Advanced Standing Camps and Outreach Clinics, all aimed at providing an elite experience for young shooters and coaches.

“We had a great group of athletes working for us last year, and they play an important role in providing a first-class, positive camp experience,” Hinson said. “With our exciting schedule and new camp enhancements, we look forward to continuing this long tradition of hiring great counselors and growing the sport we all love.”

Registration for the 2023 Junior Rifle Camps opens on January 9. Camps and clinics fill up fast, so sign up early! Find a list of dates and more detailed information about the camps on the CMP website at

— By Ashley Dugan, CMP Staff Writer

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